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Olfactory Marketing, interview with Albert Majós (Founder of Akewuele)


Olfactory Marketing, interview with Albert Majós (Founder of Akewuele)

What the senses perceive impacts the emotional part of the brain of people awakening memories, sensations and emotions that can create a totally different consumer experience. A figure, 35% of everything you smell is remembered.

1. How does an entrepreneur come to want to create a Olfactory Marketing startup ?

When we started our project, it did not exist or, rather, we did not know such a line of business or concept. It began as a project for a product that sought a different way of communicating and reaching the Israel Phone Number List through smell. We also started the project with a total ignorance about the sense of smell and its potential. Only with enthusiasm, a lot of desire and an absolute interest in doing something different, although we did not even know how to carry it out.

2. Is it difficult to work with big brands like Inditex? Are they clear about their objectives or are they being advised?

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It is difficult to work with anyone who is not clear about what they want, and the problem is that if there is not someone, within the company, who leads the project and is very clear about the concept and what they want to achieve, it is very difficult to carry out a project olfactory marketing.

In large companies it is more difficult because many departments are involved and there are many people involved. The key is that whoever leads the Betting Email List knows what they are looking for when using olfactory marketing.

3. What smells are most effective when materializing them in a store?

It is easier to work with a store that sells food products, there is greater potential in that field and the partnership for the customer is much more direct. From here on, any entity, company or trade is likely to use olfactory marketing as an element to get closer to its customer.

Funeral homes, pharmacies, sports and fashion companies, dealerships, law firms, hotels; any of them can use scent marketing to reach their customers.

4. Is it very difficult to create the scent of a certain brand? What must be taken into account to make the aroma of a brand easily recognizable?

For something to be remembered it has to be “polarizing”, it means that it has to be a risky fragrance, there will be people who will like it and others who will not, but it will remain in the mind of our client. On the other hand, if we are looking for something that everyone likes, it will be fine but it will be a very neutral fragrance, so it will not bother but it will not be remembered either.

5. Can all kinds of smells be reproduced?

No, of course not. It is impossible to perfectly reproduce all those smells that we have very clear in our mind, because a smell emanates from a substance, while the reproduction of any smell made in perfumery comes from the union of many different materials. There are always small nuances that are extremely difficult to reproduce. Americans call the smell of coffee and bread “the smell of a million dollars”, because no one has managed to reproduce them perfectly

6. What emotions / desires can be aroused with olfactory marketing?

Any emotion or sensation can be reproduced, what we cannot is awaken with a smell the same emotion or sensation to everyone. Smells are closely linked to the personal life of each individual and what for one is a pleasant and wonderful smell, such as a new car smell, can remind another of his childhood and how he got dizzy in his father’s new car. . Being the same smell, it can awaken two opposite sensations and so with all smells. But it is clear that “generalized” emotions can be aroused, such as the smell of freshly cut grass that smells like the weekend and the countryside.

7. Can a person’s mood be changed according to the smell they smell? Can you get him to buy more according to the aroma he perceives?

It is clear that a smell can transmit and change the mood since it has the ability to move us and that makes us change the mood, but only in those smells that are of a primary nature, such as food, can awaken our desire to buy a product. In the rest of the smells, it is one more channel of those used to reach the customer and be remembered.

8. What smell is the weirdest that Akewuele has had to materialize? What sector was the company in charge of?

Fricadas have asked us for several, but sometimes the projects have not materialized in the end. As a company, the strangest thing we are aromatizing are funeral homes in the Basque Country and, as for rare requests, one for a museum that wanted the smell of sulfur from a volcano, it was extremely unpleasant.

9. What role does olfactory marketing play in attracting and loyalty of a customer?

A fragrance at the point of sale can help communicate to relax and vary the mood of the customer, but it is clear that a smell alone will not make you buy more. But if you enter a beautiful hotel with everything neat, clean and cared for and it smells bad, no matter how good everything else is, the feeling will be very unpleasant.

I have always commented that it is very risky to leave a sense as powerful as smell to chance, because the normal thing is that it does not transmit what the company or the brand wants to communicate, therefore it is important to work on it in order to produce the sensation that is wants to generate the customer.

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