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Offers Facebook: The new commercial network tool – MD Marketing Digital


Offers Facebook: The new commercial network tool – MD Marketing Digital

Last Updated April 25th, 2016 at 11:17 am

Finally, Facebook installed the “Offer Tool” after a test phase of several months. For a few weeks now, all fan sites with more than 400 fans have been able to offer their customers discounts and special promotions through their publications. The Bahamas Phone Number List offer from Facebook has a cost basis of U $ 5.

What are these offers? It is a simple and effective way to communicate promotions offered by a brand through your site. In addition, they have a much wider reach than any other announcement, as friends of the site’s fans can see them as well.

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Before launch, Facebook worked with a small group of Betting Email List Business Pages to analyze the results of this new tool. These companies were able to offer offers for free and, as expected, it was a remarkable success. The Aria Hotel in Las Vegas was one of the most successful cases of the “tests”. The hotel offered a loan of U $ 110 and VIP passes for the Haze disco for all guests who reserved at least two nights in a certain period. Thanks to this new tool, Aria received a total of 671 reserves for 1585Nights.

Facebook’s offerings open a new avenue by creating new business opportunities on the social network. Like Facebook Ads, they are a new channel for disseminating and promoting products and services.

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