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No, you will never be a viral video!


No, you will never be a viral video!

How to make a viral video is the most repeated question to vloggers and the most recurring dream of many. This YouTuber will break your heart.Today we allow ourselves to share with you this video that sends a very clear signal to all IT Directors Managers Email Lists who dream of turning their next video into a viral success : IT WILL NOT HAPPEN! We leave you the video (English) and we break it down step by step below.Before you start picking up the pieces of your broken heart, let us explain. The video is by Amy Schmittauer who has more than 57k followers on YouTube and is the author of Vlog Like a Boss , or what is the same, videoblogging as a boss.How to make viral videosOnce the author’s credentials have been established, let me literally tell you what she says… “They always ask me how to make a viral video … and the answer is… If you enter my channel, you’ll see that I don’t have viral videos, and that’s because I don’t we make video with the aim of making it viral ”.I do not know if the phrase of this videoblogger has been clear to you … You should not make videos thinking about virality! Virality does not depend on you but on the audience. BuzzFeed has posted the path they follow in trying to get their videos shared a lot , but trust me, out of 50 they do, maybe one does. Virality depends on social, psychological, anthropological factors … not on whether your video is turned on or funny!Amy continues …”If you got into this content creation thing, hoping that everyone in every corner of the planet will like you, most likely this is NOT going to work for you.”I’ll personally tell you that I’ve seen a LOT of marketers start video endeavors and within a year… in fact — come to think of it — before six months, they throw in the towel. Why? Because if this were as simple as making cookies, trust me, we’d all be the Cookie Monster by now.Amy asks if we’ve seen the sneezing panda video , which had millions of views before it was downloaded for rights reasons; however, there are hundreds of copies on YouTube and even animated versions that were later made.

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Amy explains that this went viral because it is 17 seconds of a real scene that any human being, regardless of race, sex, place or condition, can enjoy; However, he adds that being at the right moment with the camera ready does Betting Email List not happen every day. In other words, scarcity is what makes these situations viral. Think, in a world where everything is purple … there, finding an orange square would be wonderful and you would like everyone to see it. That is virality.Amy adds that our videos should not try to be viral because ultimately being viral is of no use. We need to create content to help a specific group of people whom we can help, entertain, inspire or convince.He who wants to be everything to everyone, manages to be to no one. Saying ” I want my video to go viral ” is as absurd as yelling: I want to be everything to everyone.Amy continues … “This is not the best way to try to live your life, much less to have a content strategy on YouTube” (the same is true for Facebook or any social media).The vlogger also asks “ Do you think Mom Chewbacca planned her content to go viral? Do you think she said I’ll be famous if I buy something in the store, try it on in the car and make a video on Facebook live? no! Although his video has many viral elements such as Star Wars, happiness, laughter … but you are not going to be Chewbacca’s mother or the baby panda! “What you should do – Amy concludes – is to hyperfocus on what you can do VERY WELL and do the best you can over and over again. That will win the appreciation of your audience and they will be loyal to you, sharing, commenting, liking you. The advice is:… If you want to go viral, stop trying to be.Here we have given you many tips on how to be a video blogger and how to create videos to please your specific audience , although perhaps the most important thing, before even creating, is planning. Have you already defined a Buyer Persona ? If you haven’t, we can’t expect any results.

Once you have taken this step, you must also remember the content matrix and know that NOT ALL YOUR VIDEOS MUST BE SERIOUS OR PERFECT , you can give yourself the pleasure and luxury of generating some in order to entertain, others to inspire and a few , to sell.content matrixAdditionally, you must remember that you can generate trending content, taking advantage of a current event ( newsjacking ) or you can generate evergreen substance , that is, it can remain for a longer time.You need to lose the fear of experimenting, creating content, risking getting hit, working again and againto improve and do it first, or as Amy says… as a boss; And remember that those who never stumbled were the ones who never did something and simply dedicated themselves to seeing and talking about those who did.
What are you doing there? Go make a video … not viral.Let us know what you think of what Amy says, below, on our Facebook page or in the group . You can also subscribe to content and be part of this community in love with content and inspiration.

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