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Nike and the Cursa dels Bombers 2013: brand reputation (II)


Nike and the Cursa dels Bombers 2013: brand reputation (II)

The network has made it difficult for brands and has made them unable to control what is said about them, no matter how much money they invest in their reputation.A good example has recently emerged to comment on in relation to the topic started in the post ” Brand reputation in the digital environment “. It is about the organization of the 2013 edition of the Cursa dels Bombers de Barcelona , which, as you know, is organized by Nike . This year online registrations for the race have been exhausted on the same day that registration was enabled (last Monday, March 25). This could indicate that the management has been optimal, since the demand has exceeded the offer with precedents, even and having expanded, according to the organization, the registrations in relation to the previous edition to 26,500.But the subject has been somewhat more complicated than it seems at first glance. When entering the race website, the user was asked whether or not they were a Nike + user . At the same time, he was reminded of the advantages of having such a device when doing this race. If the Internet user was not a user, he was redirected to a page in which he was asked his gender, if he was a university student or was under 26 years old, and then to another in which the registration was carried out – following the usual good telephone number – if the user was lucky enough to register on the first day of the start of the registration process. On the other hand, if the user tried to register from the second day (March 26), the website would indicate that online registrations They were sold out but you could still register in person and it would indicate a list of establishments where to go, including the three stores that Nike has in Barcelona . What the website would not tell you is that in these three stores only a limited number of registrations were available for those who wanted to register without buying a shoe from the brand organizing the race.


The response on the network was immediate and was manual. Complaints continued in the own Fanpage on Facebook Nikerunningspain in which to criticizing parading interested in joining the race for the stores and acquisition strategy , the fact of linking registration to the Betting Email List of material and the paramount age and gender when allowing registration. About 200 comments in four days, most of them negative. In defense of Nike , it should be noted that many sports brands sponsoring races give discounts for the purchase of equipment to those who purchase and register for the sponsoring races.And Nike defended itself on the net by following the manual. First, he replied to users with a relatively standard text apologizing for the inconvenience and informing that a solution was being worked on shortly, and even asking for personal emails to privately manage specific issues from some users. Finally, on Thursday 28, Nike published a statement on its fanpage in which it informed that it would try to solve the failure to respond to the demand by giving a response on Monday, April 1. This statement generated more than 300 “likes” in less than 24 hours.A good example of crisis management in the context of marketing and communication , especially if the result satisfied users who had been left out of the race at first. And Nike kept its word. Punctually, on Monday , April 1, reopened the online registration to a statement posted on his fanpage Facebook in which he kindly said that places qualified were limited for security and logistics, and warned that given the high demand, it was possible that the inscriptions will be exhausted shortly. On the same day this ad achieved about 350 likes.This is also a good example of how quickly brands, even those with more followers, can ‘ boomtown ‘ in the network , and have to have loyal followers or sympathizers, people who not only decides not consume your brand, but also speak ill of it, in a matter of hours. The network has made it difficult for brands and has achieved that it is not possible to control what is said about them, no matter how much money is invested in brand reputation , or in what is the same, in which people speak well of they. Therefore, it is convenient to be quick and try to respond quickly and honestly to users, trying to solve the problem as soon as possible.

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