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Newsletter, the new ordinary mail?


Newsletter, the new ordinary mail?

How long has it been since you received a letter by ordinary mail? Are you subscribed to a paper magazine? How long has it been since you bought a newspaper from a newsstand? In an era in which information overload prevails and we are even infoxicated , how do we get our information to be the one that interests the user ? The Newsletter.

From the questions above, you may have realized that the traditional method will not be very effective, since you probably do not consume any of the means mentioned above.

It is clear that it is essential that our content is interesting, attractive and sexy for the user, but above all, it is essential that the user wants to know more about us. How? With a powerful Newsletter .

An effective Newsletter and how to indirectly influence the user
A quality and effective Newsletter cannot be limited to sending periodic emails in which we disseminate new content about our brand, commercial offers, our blog, etc. In conclusion, any specific content that we consider important to highlight.

The most important objective for our Newsletter to have a real and positive impact on our user is based on the content we disseminate connecting with those people who have requested to receive it through an opt-in . This will translate into content to give notoriety and awareness to our brand, in a real conversion of subscribers to qualified leads or in the loyalty of our users.

For this channel does not become routine and heavy for our users, it is essential to carry out a strategy of Lead Nurturing Inbound Pakistan Phone Number List . That is, our message must be personalized, differentiating and customized, so that the user wants to interact with the brand.


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Advantages of an effective Newsletter?
In order for our Newsletter to provide advantages for both the brand and the user, it is essential to know the target we are addressing. In the previous post we have been able to see how with 5G technology we will have the possibility of capturing and receiving fresh data in real time. This possibility will lead us to produce personalized messages, much more segmented, that can record the behavior data of our users and that directly impact the trends in which they are interested. In other words, it allows us to increase the response rates considerably.

Tips for your Newsletter to be effective
Write a catchy subject : as we mentioned before, we live in a time when we have more information than time to read it, so it is essential that the subject is sexy so that the open rate is higher.
Personalize the Betting Email List: we all like to be called by our name and feel identified or part of a group. It’s very easy: a simple tag in the email can make the user receive the Newsletter with their name.
Value content: the first thing we look at is always the appearance and, although it is important, if your Newsletter does not have content it is not based on a pull strategy , in which an email with HTML text is achieved in which content predominates, but there are images, headers, CTA buttons, logos, etc.
Newsletter with responsive design: in the era of screens we cannot stop paying attention to the adaptation of our content to the device.
Even taking all these parameters into account, it is essential to know our audience, segment it and personalize all our communications so that our user feels part of the community we have created. Therefore, the content of the brand and its value proposition must be integrated into all types of communications. Remember: everything communicates, even what you don’t say.

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