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New strategies in Digital Marketing. Questions and Answers about: Instagram ADS


New strategies in Digital Marketing. Questions and Answers about: Instagram ADS

Last Updated January 12th, 2021 at 01:17 pm

For those who, after having read our note yesterday about new strategies in Digital Marketing, were left wanting to read more, I leave you this summary of questions and answers about ADS on Instagram that I found interesting to share.

In these last 3 years we have seen the great growth of this social media platform with more than 150 million users who capture and share their moments with the digital world . Instagram is a place where people connect and get inspired. Instagram ensures that their focus is to continue conquering new lands following the same line of what they have already created.

Unfortunately in Argentina we still cannot access the notices, but little by little they will open the tool to the rest of the online world . Today, users of the social network who are in the United States, may occasionally find sponsored ads on their news wall.

The goal for the start is to show a small Thailand Phone Number List of good-quality , attractive photos and videos from brands that are already established in the Instagram community. The objective is to achieve the same look and feel that was achieved with the photos and videos that the user already finds attractive to the ads, and that they are entertaining and creative.

Does Instagram allow advertisers to use photos or videos of users for ads?
No. The user has rights to their photos and videos. Ads on Instagram don’t change this.

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What happens when a user comes across an ad they don’t want to see?
Instagram strives to display high-quality and attractive ads. In case the user does not want to see the notice, he can hide it. In order for Instagram to understand why it is not interesting, it asks the user for a justification. This will help a correct segmentation.

How does segmentation work on Instagram?
The social network shows the notices that may be interesting to the user, and to achieve this, the tool uses information about the user’s behavior on Instagram and Facebook. For example, users who follow, photos and videos that you like on Instagram and interests and basic information found on Facebook.

All Instagram users will see ADS, Betting Email List whether they are Facebook users or not.

Who did ADS on Instagram?
Instagram Ads

Adidas, Ben & Jerry’s, Burberry, General Electric, Lexus, Levi’s®, Macy’s, Michael Kors, PayPal, and Starwood are some of the community members who have already done ADS on Instagram.

Let’s hope that throughout this year we can start using the tool in Argentina! Meanwhile let’s take note of the greats who have already begun to see the benefits of it.

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