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New Instagram panel for professionals


New Instagram panel for professionals

Do you know everything that the new Instagram panel for professionals can offer you ? As you well know, any company, freelancer or influencer that has a profile on social networks should track their results and measure the impact of their publications.It is a practically mandatory task if you want to continue growing on this or any other social Cyprus Phone Number List . Although Instagram already made it easy for us with the provision of different metrics and information of interest in its dashboards, the new panel for professionals makes it even easier.list_altIndex of contents
Why Instagram is becoming more and more relevant to brands
What does the new Instagram panel for professionals offer and how does it work?
Advantages of using Instagram for professionals
How can I access this new Instagram panel for professionals?
Upcoming news for professionals on Instagram
The reality is that Instagram is one of the social networks that more companies are betting on. Young audience, multimedia format, little text, prioritization of the image and engagement … It is the tool that has all the ingredients to promote online commerce for its target audience, so today it is essential to get the most out of it possible. Whether for large companies or small businesses, working on branding and selling through social networks is something more common every day.

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Why Instagram is becoming more and more relevant to brands
Instagram has been around this issue for a long time and working on it to incorporate new functions for commercial and creator accounts. In 2018 Instagram Shopping arrived in Spain , and since then they have been incorporating different novelties oriented in this sense, such as integrating the Instagram and Facebook stores with new functionalities, the possibility of paying directly on the social network or tools to create content sponsored.Regarding these latest news for professionals and content creators, surely you have seen special carousels, featured products or “suggested for the user” content (to show the user the products that interest them the most based on their history).The new live badge system has also been very prominent , especially for influencers, since with this option users who follow the live streams can acquire badges to stand out in comments and make their support for their “idols” visible. Thus, with this new system on Instagram Live, influencers or content creators can benefit from extra income.Precisely with the idea of ​​making this social network profitable, the possibilities to evaluate how well we are doing our work are further facilitated.Well, what is the last change that we have to take into account as Instagram account managers for professionals?Now Instagram has a new control center to integrate all the metrics that already existed in different panels and, thus, Betting Email List in a single panel all the information necessary for the measurement. That is, this new function comes to centralize all business tools in one place , in the same way that Facebook does. Therefore, the change resides fundamentally in how Instagram shows us the information without having to access different menus.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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What does the new Instagram panel for professionals offer and how does it work?
The new “Professional Dashboard” is a hub for all the tools that Instagram offers businesses and content creators to better track performance, discover new professional tools, and explore educational information about Instagram to get the most out of it .

What can we really see in the new panel?
With this new dashboard you will get relevant information and advice. Specifically, you must take into account three main functionalities that will help to grow your business:Performance tracking: this functionality allows you to discover insights and trends based on the performance of your accounts. It is intended to help content creators track their posts much more precisely.
Growth: the second pillar consists of tools that help in a simpler way to grow your profile. It allows you to easily access all the tools used to manage your account more efficiently, discover new tools that will help you develop your business, as well as check your monetization status and eligibility.
Information: Third, it also allows you to learn how to get the most out of Instagram through new resources and educational content with tips, guides and inspiration.
Although many of these resources already existed, it is a way to unify them through a single channel, making them more accessible to professionals.Advantages of using Instagram for professionals
These are the main reasons why you need to catch up on Instagram and start using its new control panel efficiently:You can boost business growth by checking the moetization status every 7 days or every month.
It allows you a much more productive learning. There is an account called @instagramforbusiness where you can follow tips, educational guides or resources that will inspire you to continue improving your content on Instagram.
You will discover how insights and metrics help you check the way your followers interact with your publications.
How can I access this new Instagram panel for professionals?
This new “Panel for professionals” is now available for all Company and Creator accounts on Instagram, as announced by the company.

Once you enter your Instagram account, you only have to access the “See professional resources” tab and you will access the Instagram dashboard for professionals .

In the case of creator accounts, you must specify your profile type and decide whether or not you want to activate the “show category label”.

If you have a personal account and want to access the professional one, you can make this change very easily. This is the procedure:

You enter Instagram and go to your profile (icon located in the lower right corner).
You click on the three-line icon in the upper right corner.
When the new menu appears, select Settings → Account.
At the end of everything the options will appear: “Change to creator account” and “Change to business account”.
You choose the one that interests you and you already have it.
You will see that the account type change is done quite quickly (in a couple of minutes) and, in this way, you will be able to access this set of new tools that facilitate and enhance growth within the platform.

Upcoming news for professionals on Instagram
Social networks need to incorporate changes to stay ahead of events and remain number one. This is why brands must be up to the task and adapt all their news for our online marketing strategies. Although sometimes it is not easy!

During 2021 it is also said that Instagram intends to continue improving this new dashboard along with other features and options of the platform.

One of the novelties that we will perceive is that we will be able to show the publications in different sizes. This change will be a new idea of ​​conceiving the layout of the feed. How about?

Many experts say that the reason for so much change by Instagram is that it has more and more competition on Tik Tok and needs to introduce new ways to monetize what users post. And it is not for less, because more and more businesses increase their sales through this social network.

Be that as it may, we will have to be attentive to news and improve our social media strategies . Would you like to share with me any questions? I read you in comments!

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