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New Inbound Marketing Study: 2021 edition now available


New Inbound Marketing Study: 2021 edition now available

Over the years, the objective of the different inbound marketing studies carried out by InboundCycle has been to become a reference for all companies that want to know what results they can obtain when implementing this type of strategy , since these annual documents have been designed to visually and directly convey what the real growth forecasts are for any business that implements an inbound strategy.list_altIndex of contents
Why is EIM21 important for your business?
How is EIM21 different from all previous editions?
Methodology applied in the Study of Inbound Marketing 2021
3 real results you can get with inbound Brazil Phone Number List
3 real results you can get with inbound online advertising
Conclusions of the Inbound Marketing Study 2021
However, the new Inbound Marketing Study 2021 goes much further. On this occasion, the EIM21 offers you a series of strategic data that had never been contemplated before in previous editions . This makes it a fundamental material to support your strategic decision making in the new normal of 2021 to 2022.


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Why is EIM21 important for your business?
Part of the data offered by the EIM21 is the analysis of the results that more than 60 companies obtained with inbound marketing during the year 2020. This means that in this study we make public the levels of performance that many businesses were able to obtain while the largest global business crisis in modern history .Despite being a very sensitive topic for everyone, analyzing the effectiveness of inbound Brazil Phone Number List during the first year of the pandemic taught us how companies can maintain business continuity in such extreme situations. This is key learning if we want to be prepared and stand up during other difficult times ahead, as it is on the resilience of the business sector that the jobs and livelihoods of millions of people during crises depend.With the EIM21, you will know how inbound strategies can help you in the new normal or in other situations of uncertainty to:

Generate more demand for your products or services
Shorten sales cycles
Reduce costs per acquisition (CPA)
Multiply the traffic to your website
Accelerate the conversion of records to customers
Position the brand in the target market
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EMAIL *your emailI have read and accept the Privacy and Cookies Policy .How is EIM21 different from all previous editions?
The EIM21 is a special piece among all previous editions of inbound marketing studies due to the following characteristics:It is the study with the most real projects analyzed (67 in total) and with the most business sectors considered (11 in total).
It is the study that covers the longest data analysis time period (4 years, from 2017 to 2020).It is the first study that is not limited to inbound marketing, as it also includes results from inbound online advertising campaigns .
Methodology applied in the Study of Inbound Marketing 2021
Next, we show you the samples , metrics and methodologies used in EIM21 to obtain and analyze the results of both inbound marketing strategies and inbound online advertising campaigns.

For more details on how these elements were designed, download our 2021 Inbound Marketing Study . There we explain everything in depth.Samples
The sample taken for the analysis of inbound marketing strategies was made up of the following:18 projects in the professional services sector.

New call-to-action3 real results you can get with inbound marketing
Here are some interesting results that companies from different sectors obtained when implementing organic inbound marketing strategies and that you can replicate in your business thanks to a series of specific methodologies developed by InboundCycle:

The capture of visits in companies in the professional services sector can multiply by 84.58 after four years
As you can see in the following graph, in a shorter period of time, companies in the professional services sector can multiply their traffic by 28.64 within the first two years of having implemented an inbound marketing strategy, multiplying it by 84 , 58 in the other two following years.

inbound marketing study 2021 organic visits professional services

The capture of registrations in companies in the health sector can multiply by 79.86 after four years
If you have a company in the healthcare sector, in the following graph you will see that you can multiply the number of registrations by 26.03 in the first two years with an inbound marketing project and by 79.86 after four years.EIM21 organic health sector records

The uptake of MQL in companies in the tourism and hospitality sector can multiply by 48.72 after two years
Despite the fact that MQL uptake is one of the most complicated processes, companies in the tourism and hospitality sector managed to multiply MQL by 48.72 in the first two years of the inbound strategy and by 42.27 at the end of the third year .It should be noted that these results in MQL uptake were obtained by combining both organic strategies and inbound online advertising.eim21 mql tourism and hospitality sector3 real results you can get with inbound online advertising
To develop inbound online advertising campaigns in the projects of the different companies, we combine the use of specialized platforms such as Facebook Ads (which includes Instagram Ads), Linkedin Ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads, TikTok Ads or YouTube Ads, among others.However, to show more concrete and specific results, in EIM21 we have taken into account only the data from the three most popular platforms, which are Facebook Ads (with Instagram Ads), LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads .Here are some of the most interesting results we obtained with inbound online advertising campaigns:

The conversion of lead to MQL in B2B companies can reach 61.8% through LinkedIn Ads
In 2019, the conversion rate was 40% for B2B companies using LinkedIn Ads, but by 2020 it reached 61.8%. A similar benefit occurred for B2C companies that used Facebook Ads, which achieved a conversion of 35% in 2019 and then improved to 48.2% in 2020.

The cost per lead (CPL) in companies in the healthcare sector was reduced from € 2.94 in 2019 to € 2.10 in 2020 through Facebook Ads
In addition to this important cost reduction, the percentage of conversion from lead to MQL also had a quite significant improvement, going from 20% in 2019 to 33.7% in 2020 through the same Facebook Ads campaigns.

EIM21 inbound online advertising results

The percentage of conversion from lead to MQL in tourism and hospitality companies was 100% in 2020 through Google Ads
Apart from the impressive result of converting all leads into MQL through Google Ads, this business sector also saw very good numbers through Facebook Ads, reducing the CPL from € 1.85 in 2019 to € 0.68 in 2020 and, at the same time, increase the conversion percentage from 6.25% to 7.1%, respectively.

Inbound Marketing Study 2021: know the results of more than 60 real companies
Conclusions of the Inbound Marketing Study 2021
The Inbound Marketing Study 2021 shows us that companies in all sectors and of any business model can obtain excellent results, even in times of extreme difficulty such as those we have been experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, these results are not obtained only with conventional inbound marketing strategies, but it is also necessary to implement a series of particular methodologies that we have designed from InboundCycle . It is precisely in this way that we have managed to multiply organic traffic by more than 100 after three years since the beginning of some of our projects, and by more than 79 the capture of organic records in the fourth year.

Also, keep in mind that in many cases we have developed online inbound advertising campaigns to accelerate conversion processes, thus helping inbound strategies to start generating satisfactory results in a very short term.

On the other hand, it should be noted that a key element to maximize the effectiveness of inbound strategies has to do with the use of technology. Choosing a specialized inbound marketing tool, such as HubSpot , allows you to streamline all your campaign management processes and conversion funnels. If you want to know more about it, we invite you to download the Comparative Guide of the most popular automation tools on the market .

Inbound marketing is a strategic methodology that is constantly evolving, so in InboundCycle we permanently study all its advances and range of possibilities.

If you want to be updated with our studies, analyzes and discoveries, subscribe to our blog to be able to send you the information that is of your greatest interest. Soon we will publish a series of articles focused on deepening our Inbound Marketing Study 2021 .


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