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Neuromarketing: why do companies use science in marketing?


Neuromarketing: why do companies use science in marketing?

Who has not bought something on impulse? or have you ever made an unconscious or unwarranted purchase? Surely you have already heard this term or infer what it is about, but you are still not really sure what benefits Neuromarketing can bring to the digital area of ​​companies .

The world of sales has changed and the way to reach the consumer has also changed: every day there are more channels to reach the customer, infinite technological tools and above all a lot of competition from brands, which forces Japan Phone Number List to differentiate themselves so as not to cease to exist . As of today, the user experience is as or more important than the product itself, so the secret is to focus on knowing the customer better and more deeply, without neglecting the behavior of the customer. throughout the entire purchase process.

What is neuromarketing?
It is a discipline that analyzes which mental processes , both explicit and implicit, that influence consumer behavior (before, during and after buying). In other words, it helps us understand why some users make certain purchasing decisions or others, and why they choose some products over others. For this, different technological tools are used such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) or encephalography (EEG).


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The theory of Paul Mac Lean, an American doctor, indicates that the brain is divided into three types: Limbic Brain where emotions and senses lie; Neocortex Brain where reason is located and Reptile Brain focused on the basic needs of human survival. Based on this, Neuromarketing makes it possible to predict consumer buying behavior and identify how these three brains are activated during the purchase process.

A good Neuromarketing study will allow:
Evaluate more precisely what the consumer feels and thinks. Many times what he tells us can be unconsciously conditioned and manipulated by him.
Give us more tangible data than conventional studies: According to Gerald Zaltman, director of the Mind Institute at Harvard, 95% of purchase decisions are made by our brain unconsciously.
Optimize the Betting Email List resources, with the information obtained from the analysis, it is possible to create and manage products focused more specifically on meeting the real needs of consumers.
Identify action-reaction or cause-effect patterns to create models and designs of services that generate unique experiences for customers.
Neuromarketing digital application
Now, when we design digital strategies, it must be taken into account that the User Experience (UX) is paramount, it has to be adjusted to consumer tastes and make the purchase as personalized as possible. Here are some examples where digital improvements have been made as a result of information extracted by Neuromarketing studies and that are currently being applied:

The brain likes the number 3: It is proven that the brain is more attracted to making a purchase decision when presented with 3 options. Therefore, it is recommended to present three products or three price options to better connect with the user.
Relying on the recommendation of third parties: On the websites include the opinion of our clients, their evaluations and testimonials. The voice of a third party helps build trust in the user. It is a good way to clarify the doubts of those who access the page with some distrust when buying.
Simple promotes action: The choice of colors and fonts play a fundamental role. The brain loves the simple, so if something is difficult to do, it generates more friction in us and makes us more reluctant to execute the action.
Use images of people: It is recommended to use photos of people whose gaze points to the key messages of our website, since the user’s eye tends to follow the gaze of people by looking at what they look at before the content in a logical way. It is also important to use images that make a positive impression, such as a smiling person versus a serious one.
Promote immediacy: Include on the website a counter of the days remaining to finalize a discount or promotion, since the brain tends to react to imminent things. It is also recommended to achieve the lowest possible page load time for the user, being cautious in the design of the web and using page accelerators such as AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).
Take commercial communication to the story level, which is known as Story Telling: You have to excite and attract the customer’s attention. Seek to achieve maximum engagement by stimulating an emotional reaction to the story, and, therefore, to the brand.
Knowing what the consumer really wants, their desires and motivations is something that today can be considered the most important challenge for marketing. Therefore, using neuromarketing seems like a very useful tool that several companies are adopting in order to generate better experiences and generate more loyal customers.

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