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Motivation at work: 7 keys to improve marketing and sales results


Motivation at work: 7 keys to improve marketing and sales results

Did you know that there is a direct relationship between motivation at work and the performance of the members that make up a work team?According to studies by the University of Warwick and the Wall Street Journal with Opener Institute for People, a worker satisfied with his job is 12% more productive and 32% more efficient . In other words, the happiness of your workers must be part of your business strategy. From here, let’s see how it influences your sales!The results of any company go through getting a good motivation from its uk mobile number . Any human resources manager knows that the motivation of his team will guarantee the achievement of the objectives set.These objectives are also very important if we talk about the marketing and sales department, since the ability to get new business depends on them.For this, it is necessary to consider the best motivation strategy at work so that the marketing and sales team achieves greater solvency both individually and collectively .Motivation is an aspect that should not be lacking in the team. It implies a qualitative change in the way of performing tasks, as well as being a way to maintain a pleasant and proactive work environment. Not to mention the great benefit of motivation at work: commitment .Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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What is motivation at work?
Work motivation has to do with the ability of the company to keep all its employees involved so that they provide maximum performance and achieve, together, the business objectives set by the organization.Fortunately, the corporate culture has already discarded the idea that money is the only work motivator. Beyond the mighty gentleman and Taylorian theories, you can achieve commitment, maintain confidence, and enhance motivation in other ways. Specifically:



If we grant more decision-making power to team members, if they have a voice and vote in the company, they will necessarily feel more identified with it and will increase their level of commitment.
Employees must have access to company information . This information must be accurate, up-to-date, and understandable to everyone.Training the team in a constant way favors the improvement of their skills, which generates confidence and efficiency.Rewarding employees doesn’t necessarily have to involve company coffers. We can Betting Email List various rewards, which, although they can be translated into figures, show the interest that bosses have in their employees. For example, a promotion, a recreational activity, a well-deserved vacation …
Motivation in the work of the marketing and sales team
All departments of a company are important, but if we want to solve the unknowns that lead us to improve sales and marketing results, it is essential to focus on them.How to motivate them to have an impact on sales? We propose to take into account these 7 keys to achieve it.1. Need for both departments to work together and for the same objective
Sometimes there are confrontations between the marketing and sales departments, by their nature, some say that the leads are not of quality, the others that not enough is sold … but to have a united and motivated team this has to change. We see how?What we must look for is that both parties feel that they form a single team , and although their responsibilities are different, they fight for the same objective and all move in the same direction. In this way, the feeling of belonging will be stronger and will contribute to a much better work environment.In fact, according to the State of Inbound 207 report in Latin America , only 21% of marketing and sales teams work aligned , and for those that do, their business strategy is 3 times more effective.That these two departments work aligned has nothing but advantages: the target audience is better known, the content of our communications is better adapted and the records are fed back, among others.If we have a motivated and aligned team, we will ndoubtedly obtain better results . For this reason we apply the concept of SMarketing , a term that comes from the combination of sales (Sales) and marketing.SmarketingOk2. Provide a pleasant workplace
The work environment is a key factor in the way in which each one perceives their work activity. The workers will value very positively – which will affect their motivation at work – a pleasant environment and a comfortable, functional physical space , where they can enjoy their work and the tasks are not difficult.For them, we must take into account the needs of the different departments, and although the ideal is that both share the same space, it is also interesting to have spaces enabled so that each one can comfortably perform their functions separately if they need it. For example, sales, you have to make several calls, you have places to make them without feeling exposed.3. Participation of the entire team in decision-making
It is important for the leaders of the work group to be able to delegate to others and to offer the freedom and confidence necessary to carry out each function and evaluate it, later, according to the results. If workers participate in decision-making:They have more information.
They get more involved in work.
The collective activity becomes more coherent, involved and in line with the rest of the activities of the company.
4. Continuous training
Training the team permanently is necessary for any company. The group and the individual benefit, who feels that they are valued and that they have a goal to achieve.In the specific case of the marketing and sales team, this factor is more than decisive . These specialists are very interested in being up to date. For them it is essential to be up to date with new strategies and trends: benchmarking, big data, storytelling, branded content, etc. Also, to develop your negotiation skills, an extremely important aspect.[PDF] How to start an Inbound Marketing department
5. Recognition of achievements
It is important that the formation of the team is translated into feedback from the team leaders so that everyone can improve, persist in the successes and compensate and correct the errors.

It is a return of information that is usually departmental, but we must try to make it individual as well. In other words, recognizing achievements in the most personalized way possible .Ultimately, it is about valuing the effort of each worker by awarding prizes or incentives – such as a promotion – or simply a thank you.6. Labor promotion and improvement of working conditions
Recognition of the achievements of workers can imply a promotion or promotion, but also an improvement in working conditions . These improvements can be fair salaries with which the workforce feels valued, or introduce other social benefits as a reward.For example, checks for daycare, restaurant tickets, aid for fuel or public transport ticket, financing of academic studies, participation in healthy eating or exercise programs, etc.7. Make pineapple: enhance understanding and empathy in a team building
Team building outings are an excellent strategy to make pineapple and promote motivation in the work of any team. Also in the case of the marketing department.It is about enhancing the productivity, passion and creativity of team members , and is considered one of the best investments a company can make in the 21st century.This type of multi-day team building outings consists of bringing the team together outside the office, with the intention of working, but also dedicating time to leisure , so that relationships between group members are strengthened.These initiatives are not as novel as it may seem. As early as 1985 Steve Jobs and his 11 employees celebrated their first team retirement, 90 days after the founding of NeXT.Today, more and more companies, large and small, have joined the trend, and celebrate outings with their employees, usually in rural areas away from the madding crowd.This type of initiative is highly valued by workers, who say they feel the benefits of an activity that involves learning, personal and work improvement, which makes them feel valued and stronger to return to the office.How to organize a few days of team building for your company?
Team building outings can offer us a different perspective on daily work. They organize to find aspirations and set goals, both collectively and personally.It can be as complicated as we want, but a 2 or 3 day getaway is enough in which we have time to work and have fun.To organize them remember to take into account:Your objective : determine what you are organizing the retreat for . The options are several, develop the company’s strategy, resolve conflicts, set objectives for the next stage, discuss a new initiative …
Who and how it is organized : Ideally, all the people who are going to enjoy the retreat participate in your organization. In this way, the tasks that have to do with:Find and manage the place where the team building will take place.
Establish the form of transport to be used.
Plan the activities and tasks that will be carried out throughout the day.
Establish teams for leisure activities.
Planning of motivational dynamics.
Where it will take place: this is a fundamental factor, since the place chosen for the team getaway can determine the success or failure of the meeting.
There are some options for places that organize this type of work getaway, such as the Cerdanya EcoResort , the place that we have chosen in InboundCycle to carry out our team building days, and in which we have already held 5 editions.


We have decided on this option due to the location, since the Catalan Pyrenees are the perfect environment to carry out the team building activities that they propose in the Cerdanya EcoRecort , from walks or hiking routes through the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park, to snowshoeing or even horseback riding.

Their facilities and services fit very well with what we need in InboundCycle. They have spacious rooms to hold meetings with the whole team or even in small groups, and, in addition, the mid-morning snacks, lunch and dinner are perfect for the team to put work aside for a few hours and can strengthen their relationships personal.


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