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Most millennials continue to shop in physical stores


Most millennials continue to shop in physical stores

Does the millennial generation buy in a different way? To find out, Maybe Solutions conducted a survey of more than 1,900 young people (between 16 and 34 years old) who had recently bought an item of clothing (both online and offline). The objective was to follow the entire process of the customer’s journey, from when information about a product is sought, until the purchase is finalized. And the main conclusion of the study is that each person chooses a different path: that is, consumers do a multitude of things before purchasing a product, they have different experiences and expectations, they choose list of china mobile phone company devices and channels, and their purchase processes have different durations. . The customer journey becomes a long and complicated process, much of which is unknown to brands. Specifically, 90% of this trip occurs out of the sight of retailers. Millennials use all kinds of “tricks” to find inspiration and what to buy, but the vast majority are inclined to seek ideas in physical stores (41%) and online (38%). Also family and friends (32%) and social media (25%) have their influence, above other channels such as television (18%) and search engines (15%). When it comes to remembering the products they liked, the vast majority trust their memory (40%), but others choose to mark them as favorites on the computer (18%) or take photos with their mobile (23%). For more than half it is important to have a second opinion about the purchase to be made and direct contact prevails: 48% choose to consult with their partner, and 37% with family and friends. The importance of other opinions is essential regardless of whether the decision is made on the spot or long term and whether the product is expensive or cheap.


Although when the purchase process lengthens it is more common to also ask other contacts for an opinion through WhatsApp (27% of those surveyed) and Facebook (25%). The same happens when you are going to buy an expensive product, when the query via WhatsApp increases to 35%.Most millennials continue to shop onlineAlthough shopping online is increasingly common among the youngest, most of their purchases continue to take place in the store itself; and thus 55% of the purchases analyzed had occurred in a physical store.In addition, 29% had been produced from a computer (25% from home, 4% from work), and mobile devices accounted for 14% (7% for both mobile Betting Email List and tablets).Purchases are not impulsiveOnly 19% of the millennials surveyed had needed less than an hour to know what to buy, while 16% made the decision within the same day. But 27% take 1-3 days to decide what they want, and a vast 38% seek inspiration on their purchases for a week or more before finalizing.Thus, a Mintel analysis also showed that young women are the most likely to go to social networks to seek information and comments about their future clothing purchases, while other strategies such as email marketing have less impact on each other.egarding the most used social networks, Facebook won by a landslide, since it was used daily by 71% of those surveyed to carry out clothing searches.

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