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Mobile Marketing is here to stay


Mobile Marketing is here to stay

Brands must catch up on the increasingly mobilized behavior of users.
Looking for information on digital marketing , I came across the latest IAB report on “Mobile VP IT Email Lists” . The first data that caught my attention is that ” The mobile has become the main device to access the Internet (85%), ahead of the computer (67%) and the tablet (45%)”.

Almost immediately I thought that despite this, there are big brands that still have sites made to be seen only from a computer and not from mobile phones. Who has not happened to enter a portal from your Smartphone and that it disarms entirely? Another classic situation is seeing the content so small, that after two seconds, you go to find what you need on another site.

VP of IT Email Lists

As I continued to review the study on Mobile Marketing carried out by IAB Spain and Elogia , I found another piece of information that caught my attention: ” Among Internet users aged 18 to 55 who have a mobile, 95% have a Smartphone . Taking this into account, every time a website is designed or thought, its Betting Email List version should be considered , otherwise we will be failing to optimally impact a large percentage of users.

Another important point is that 60% of those surveyed declare opening commercial emails daily on a Smartphone , 70% open at least 1 in 2 and 33% read them all. However, only a third of the emails received are mobile-friendly. Unfortunately users are moving faster than brands. There is nothing more frustrating for an Internet user who was interested in opening an email from his phone than not being able to see all the information. If you are in charge of the mailing of your company, I warn you that you will go right to spam if you do not catch up!

Now, if you are thinking of doing a business online, keep in mind that ” 90% of people have used the Smartphone at some point in the purchase process . Taking this premise into account, any online business you design must allow the user to see product information, quote and ideally carry out transactions via mobile.

In short, this study provides a good X-ray of how Smartphones are taking over digital transactions and searches , while showing how the transition to Mobile Marketing has cost brands .

If we want our brand to succeed over time, we must keep up with users, who are becoming more demanding every day and are very attentive to new technological trends.

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