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# MMDD8: nine months of experiences


# MMDD8: nine months of experiences

What is it like to live the nine-month experience in a Master in Digital Marketing? Here’s what it meant to one of the students.
I think I’m not the only one if I say that during these 9 months many friends have asked me: “hey, why do you always put that # MMDD8? What is it?” The answer has always been very clear: MMDD8 has been my family during this time and I am very sure that it will continue to be. That famous and last Saturday, July 6, the second key day of the how to buy a phone number online in Direct and Digital Marketing , some of us decided to extend the traditional post -dissertation meal on a small terrace overlooking the sea. We wanted to see the sunlight and take advantage of it, smell summer and continue sharing smiles as we have been doing until the last day but this time without pressure and remembering the great moments of the master’s degree and the stressful situations experienced with a great sense of humor. In a moment of silence, fruit of the fatigue and pressure of the last week, it escaped me aloud: “I would start all over again!”.



To feel again that emotion of the first day, to know what those 9 months of classes will bring you, those 9 months of new friends, those 9 months of teachers and professionals, those 9 months of learning, those 9 months of thesis, those 9 months from UlaboxTeam , those 9 months of improvement and those 9 months of effort. Yes, I would repeat and I will not tire of saying it. I am incredibly jealous of the next family that will experience MMDD9. And from here I just want to say thank you. To my 28 classmates, to the 6 tutors, to the 6 Betting Email List that have accepted to be a dissertation project, to all the teachers who have gone through the master’s degree and to Albert and Josep Maria for accompanying us, listening to us and making this wonderful trip possible . And a very, very special thank you to my dear UlaboxTeam and the little family that we have created. This year would not have been so spectacular without you. # Thank youMMDD8 and see you soon! I wish you all the luck in the world. I am very sure that you will fulfill your dreams. You deserve it

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