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Micro-influencers, why are they important for your digital strategy?


Micro-influencers, why are they important for your digital strategy?

Not long ago, the consumer only looked at advertisements and was hit by passive Oman Phone Number List actions. With the technology revolution came the ease to record and post videos, write blog posts, or simply share an opinion on social media. Bombarded by information, the “search criteria” have also changed. However, another figure emerges with whom we can establish links and create social strategies, the micro-influencers.

Today, in addition to analyzing numerous factors in a purchase decision – price, brand, among others – we seek the opinion of real people . They are people who, in general, we neither know nor coexist, but with whom we somehow identify or sympathize. Likewise, in addition to knowing their opinions, we can interact with them: ask, comment, suggest content, etc.

Have you ever adopted a habit under the influence of a celebrity you sympathize with? And how many times have you been influenced by someone of prestige in your city, university or network of friends, for example?

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Called micro-influencers – the group is defined not only by the number of followers, but also by the ability to dialogue with a certain audience. There is no market rule of how many followers you must have to be considered a micro-influencer, but with current practices, those with up to 100,000 followers are considered.

Thinking about these numbers, you are probably wondering: if there are influencers with much more followers, why choose micro influencers ?

Engagement rate in the strategy with micro influencers
According to an Adweek study, the more followers an influencer has, the lower their engagement rate (likes and comments). The Betting Email List has analyzed more than 8,000 Instagram profiles that have more than 1,000 followers.

The profiles that have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers reached 4% of engagement , while those with more than 10,000 reached only 2.4%. For profiles with more than 1,000,000 followers (that is, macro influencers) the rate is only 1.7%.

The impact of micro influencers through authentic and relevant content
It is not just the quantitative metric that matters. A person may have strong ties to a limited number of individuals, but their opinion gains enormous weight among that group . When she speaks that she has had a good experience, in a genuine way, the strength of the testimony is infinitely greater than that of a macro-influencer, who many times most know that they were paid to talk about a product or service.

It is that great influencers have a totally different life from many of their followers, while micro influencers show their closest routine and are considered “people like people”: they produce unique and authentic content.

In addition, the microinfluencer has a knowledge in an area, therefore, works content in niches . The macro influencer already has followers of all profiles, since the volume is higher. Having a high number of followers does not guarantee that the number of sales will also be high. But putting your brand in front of a small and specific audience tends to increase your conversions and visibility among your target audience.

Micro influencers are the newest trend in digital marketing and, with different advertising and sales experience, they bring the idea that thinking small can be big.

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