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Micro influencers, what are they and how to include them in your marketing strategy


Micro influencers, what are they and how to include them in your marketing strategy

In recent years we have naturally adapted a new word and a new concept related to marketing and communication, the term that defines a person who has a certain credibility on specific topics, the influencer, the protagonist of this article!But what is an influencer and what is the difference with micro influencers? How can we include them in our marketing strategy? I’ll tell you about it below. Do not miss it!What is an influencer and a micro-influencer?
An influencer is a person who, in one way or another, has managed to stand out on social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram, as well as on video platforms such as YouTube. And thanks to his influence, he can become an uk mobile number directory prescriber for a firm.In some cases, the number of followers that a great influencer can have exceeds 1,000,000 people.Although the essential difference between the influencer and the micro-influencer is the number of followers they have on their channel, both are influential on social networks but on a different scale.Despite the fact that a micro-influencer may have a much lower number of followers than the big influencers, between 10k and 50k, for example, he can become a great prescriber in specific fields .ew Call-to-action
In certain sectors and for local companies, for example, it may be more beneficial to rely on micro-influencers to promote their products and businesses.


Even those that have less than 10K can be really interesting to create a collaboration with a brand, due to the real digital influence, the proximity of its contents and the ease of relating and empathizing directly with its followers, since it is niche audiences that are highly connected to the influencer.Micro-influencers characteristics:
They have a number of followers on social networks that ranges between 10,000 and 50,000 followers.
Their contents are closer than those of the big influencers.
They can relate and interact with their followers more easily, since their audience Betting Email List is smaller.
Although they have fewer likes and comments than the big influencers, their influence is more visible.
They create true engagement, loyalty and motivation, so that their followers identify with them.
In essence, while micro-influencers have fewer followers, they can cause a closer and stronger impact due to the ease of interaction with their audience , unlike mega-influencers, which has a large army of followers, which complicates interaction with each one of them.This fundamental characteristic of micro-influencers makes the message of higher quality and authentically credible, so the receiver is more predisposed to consider what the firm has about its products or services.What is influencer marketing?
Incorporating influencers into our marketing strategy is one of the best options. This type of strategy is known as influencer marketing , a novel digital marketing method that consists of achieving a series of collaborative links between brands or companies and those with great visibility and prominence on the internet.Among the outstanding advantages of influencer marketing, we can distinguish that influencers provide more visibility and credibility at the level of branding and a considerable increase in the sales of the products and services they recommend , help the knowledge and reputation of the brand and allow direct traffic. of quality towards the platform of our company. But there is more …!Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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Although the advantages are more than obvious, it is necessary to bear in mind that in influencer marketing the importance does not always lie in the quantity, but in the quality relationship with the followers of the influencer chosen to promote our services or products . And this is where the relevance of micro-influencers for certain sectors comes in.The more followers an influencer has, the lower their engagement rate tends to be. On the other hand, micro-influencers with less than 2,000 followers can reach rates above 10%. How about?

An example of a sector that uses this profile of influencers is cosmetics. Brands like Pixie focus their communication efforts on sending articles to influencers with fewer followers but who will generate more engagement, and will also be more proactive in collaborating only in exchange for testing the product.microinfluencers beautyteca pixieNew trends in influencer marketing: micro influencers
Although influencer marketing is a relatively novel strategy, new trends are already developing that include micro- influencers as an indispensable tool .The conversion rate, proportionally higher in this type of profiles than in those of the big influencers, has caused the irruption of this trend, which is reinforced by the loss of trust on the part of users towards campaigns with influencers and a Very high saturation rate , due to the large number of influencers that exist.In this context, the need arises to find profiles with fewer followers but with greater engagement . Makes sense, don’t you think?It is not only about having a large number of followers but also about having a community of loyal and engaged followers , as well as an influencer who is not only willing to carry out a specific collaboration, but also to become an “ambassador” of the brand.As they are “normal” people, closer to the general public, a strong connection is established with their followers, as they share their experiences and interests on social networks regularly and in a more credible and accessible way. Therefore, the participation rate with his followers is higher.Considered as true experts in the segments they present, micro-influencers are getting large and small companies to trust their criteria and way of communicating, in a more personal and reliable way.In addition, businesses that opt ​​for this type of strategy obtain great benefits and greater profitability by complying with their marketing strategies, without having to make the exorbitant financial outlays that the big influencers demand.How to choose the most suitable influencer
It is essential to find an influencer profile that is correctly aligned with the brand. For example, if we want to give visibility to a food product, the user will trust more if it is promoted by an influencer expert in this subject, a premise can be applied in all sectors.It is essential to find the profile that is aligned and has its own criteria for its audience. It must have the values ​​of the brand. Therefore, when looking for a possible influencer to promote our services and products, we will not only take into account the number of followers and engagement, but also the level of specialization of the influencer in the niche or sector we want to impact. Keep that in mind!

Where is the future of influencer marketing heading?
In the future, the number of impacts that users will receive will be greater, although we will be more selective and less cnfident with the advertising we receive through influencers.For this reason, it is necessary that in the marketing srategies, the opportune time is dedicated to finding the right profile, rather than collaborating with an influencer with a large number of followers.In short: it will be essential to focus on creating relationships between the brand and the influencer so that it is not just a short-term collaboration.Thus, the influencer must be correctly aligned with the values ​​of the brand and be consistent with their collaborations . The user seeks honesty and closeness, valuing the quality of the content more than the quantity.And you, what do you think about influencer marketing and micro influencers? Let me know in the comment section!

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