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Master in digital marketing: what do I do next? SEO


Master in digital marketing: what do I do next? SEO

Know who is and what is the importance of the SEO specialist.
When a student considers the decision to carry out the enormous effort of dedicating much of his time to study a master’s degree in the area of digital and direct marketing , among the many variables that he considers to reach the best decision, there is especially with one of them especially related to their future, with the path they have decided to start and with the professional expectations that will await them when it ends, many of them wonder “ And when it ends…. What ? Thanks to the Master in Direct and Digital Marketing at the UPF-Barcelona School of Management , students acquire after their completion a capacity for multi- transversal professional development in the area of ​​marketing and that is why through several list mobile phone numbers on our blog we will try to clarify the doubts about some of the professional positions that they will be able to successfully exercise, and which are currently among the most demanded not only in the job market in Spain, but also abroad.


In this article, we will comment as a summary one of the most demanded professional opportunities today, the SEO Specialist:
Who is the SEO Specialist?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization ( Search Engine Optimization ), and therefore the SEO is the professional in charge of a website appear in the top positions within the search engine results in Betting Email List to a series of words or terms , which is called organic positioning . What techniques does an SEO Specialist use? The SEO studying all the complex algorithms used by search engines currently on the market and manages the visible content on the web on which he worked for (text, graphics, audiovisual and in general all content), to position and get appear in the main search results made by internet users. In conclusion, the SEO specialist is essential because it is an investment, it is a crucial part of the marketing mix , it increases sales without proportionally increasing marketing expenses , it generates quality content that no program generates and it avoids necessarily going to an agency so that do this work, it helps to build the brand and positions it in the first positions, and reduces the expenses in paid advertising.

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