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Marketing with Micro Influencers in 2020


Marketing with Micro Influencers in 2020

Micro influencers in 2020 could be defined as those influencers who have an audience within the range of 2,000 followers to approximately 50,000 on a particular social media channel.A micro-influencer is characterized by having a passion focused on a topic or a market niche.As brands we might think, why hire an influencer with few followers? The best answer is that being an influencer does not depend on followers but on engagement.However, to make it clearer, here are four things you should know about micro influencers in 2020 and why you should work with them as part of your influencer Slovenia Phone Number List strategy.

4 reasons to work with micro influencers in 2020
Micro influencers have THE influence?
Unlike a macro influencer who talks about many topics, micro influencers are often the most informed in their niches. They are experts on a particular topic and generally have a very engaged community of followers who trust their content. They are credible, because they are generally ordinary people who share your passion, your personal recommendations, your everyday life, and your likes and dislikes.In fact, micro influencers can find them from pop and ultra commercial topics to business influencers who speak at a professional level of their niche.micro influencers in 2020Authenticity is greater with micro influencers
Authenticity also plays a vital role in influencer marketing and how much influence and influence they actually have. Micro influencers are successful and generate ROI for brands because they possess a level of authenticity that is often difficult for influencers to maintain as they grow.

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It is the personal and often intimate connections they have with their audience that allow them to build an engaged community that brands can leverage, whether for business or reputational purposes Engagement exists, and it’s pretty good On the subject of social media engagement, micro influencers often have a high average rate because their community is very engaged with them and their content.In the industry, an average engagement rate of 1-3% is generally pretty good, and it’s what you would normally see for an influencer. However, most of the time, micro influencers have an average engagement rate that is higher than the industry standard, because their audience is highly engaged with their content, and social media algorithms are not working on their content yet. against, as it is in the case of macro influencers in which it is sometimes difficult to believe .More for less money Finally, micro influencers are extremely profitable , especially for small businesses or brands looking to activate an influencer Betting Email List campaign but cannot invest a large budget up front.Micro-influencers can charge fees as low as $ 50 per post, and brands regularly see a better ROI for their investment when comparing the results of a micro-influencers campaign and a campaign that engaged a handful of high-level influencers.If you have decided to work with one of them, we give you 4 tips when hiring micro influencers and we leave you some information for this 2020.

10 things you should know about micro influencers in 2020
In 2020 we will find a fairly consolidated digital marketing industry with influencers, but always open to innovation and change.Social networks have shown us that the user does not want content that tells him little or nothing, but tends to relate to those people he perceives as close, and as if that were not enough, he does not reject them if he openly warns that he has some sponsored content.The same influencers in a clear trend towards the professionalization of their activity in social networks also begin to be aware that certain practices they did in the past -such as the purchase of followers- can show results in the short term, but in the long run they harm the entire ecosystem.For brands, it’s not just about reaching a certain demographic, but finding those true connoisseurs of the niche your product is targeting and working with it.Marketing with micro influencers in 2020 What is coming for 2020 in digital marketing with influencers is that they are increasingly committed to their work to collaborate with brands.On the platform side, Instagram will consolidate its position as the favorite for new marketing campaigns and TikTok will continue to gain followers.On the advertisers side, most will continue to rely on influencers when planning their campaigns and will seek to combine their strategies with other digital marketing tools such as SEO and SEM.Remember that influencer marketing is NOT advertising. Influencer marketing is an “endorsement”, that is, an endorsement that makes sense in the narrative of both the influencer and the brand.From Socialpubli they share this infographic with 10 data of influencers for 2020. (Click on it to download the PDF )

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