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Marketing training: how to keep your team up to date


Marketing training: how to keep your team up to date

One of the main secrets of successful companies is their investment in human capital. The teams that make them up are motivated and happy to collaborate with their work on a project that takes them into account.One way to do this is through in-company training . Do you think you may need a marketing training for your team? In this article I tell you why it is positive and which courses are the most important to keep up to date. Do not miss it!list_altIndex of contents
What is in-company marketing training and why does my team need it?Types of in-company training
What is in-company marketing training and why does my team need it?In-company training is a type of training that takes place in the company’s own facilities. In other words, instead of employees having to travel to take a certain course, in-company training is based on the fact that it is the teacher who moves to the company. A modality that is gaining more and more followers, probably due to its many advantages.[Free guide] Keys and tools for the digital transformation of your buy uk mobile number department
Why should you do an in-company marketing training for your team?1. Personalized training adapted to the company
The fact that a teacher travels to the office is key to being able to offer a fully personalized training oriented to the company’s objectives. The teacher will be in contact with the management team and can focus the content on the team’s goals.


2. Learning in a familiar and familiar environment
The students, being in an environment they know and surrounded by their work colleagues, are in a familiar environment, so they will be able to better assimilate the agenda, they will be able to solve their doubts in a more specific way, etc.3. Comfort for attendees
It is likely that many members of your team do not train outside of work because they do not have time. With in-company training this does not happen, since part of the working hours is usually dedicated to classes.Types of in-company training
Digital marketing
To know all the concepts to work on during the day-to-day life of your team and make sure you speak the same language (at least when it comes to marketing issues), it is important to undergo in-company training in digital marketing.Thus, teams will be able to delve into topics such as strategy, and the management team ensures that students know the terms of the objectives pursued in the company. How about?Tools
The marketing team will be in contact with various tools and it is essential that they know the functionalities, strengths and weaknesses of the different tools they work with:Types of CMS: There are several types of CMS and it is important that the marketing team knows which is the best to use at all times.
Types of CRM: CRMs are another of the essential tools in the daily life of marketers. It is interesting that they know the different types that exist.Automation tools: HubSpot , Marketing Cloud… Automation is key in the marketing of the future, and knowing the details is essential to ensure success in the years to come.
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Specific Marketing Topics
There are some topics that are more specific but are equally important, since it is vital to make sure that all the strategies that the team will work with are internalized by the team.In this way, the strategy will be executed correctly. Some of these topics are:

1. Corporate and content SEO
Mastering corporate SEO can lead to not only the top search engine position, but virtually the first full page of Google results with your name on it.On the other hand, content SEO seeks to connect with the reader, who, ultimately, seeks to be the end customer. Thanks to quality content and a good content strategy, such as inbound marketing , we Betting Email List to attract traffic in a subtle way by showing interesting content to our target audience in order to generate a lead. But let’s save this point for later!2. User experience (UX)
The fact that the marketing team has a good in-company training in relation to UX or user experience is a great advantage. Marketers will learn to put themselves in the user’s shoes and look for more intuitive, simple, easy and strategic ways to locate the elements of a website to improve the customer experience.In fact, Google is increasingly giving more importance to the user experience: well-optimized pages at the UX level will receive benefits in positioning in the following years, so this branch of marketing is emerging as one of the most prominent and of which you have to be more up to date. Don’t lose sight of her!Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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3. Inbound marketing
As I pointed out above, knowing how to offer quality content is the key to generating leads, and that is the number one objective of inbound marketing, which seeks to give visibility to the brand but in a subtle, non-intrusive way: it is the target customer who is attracted to the brand.

The ins and outs of inbound marketing are quite complex, so having a specialized agency is vital . In addition, in terms of training , it is essential that the person teaching the course is properly a specialist in inbound marketing.marketing training 64. Email marketing
Email marketing is a very powerful form of communication and it is essential that the team master it. From the creation of campaigns or the design of newsletters to the analysis of the results: a good email marketing strategy can be a great help with a high conversion rate.5. Social Media
Social media is another cornerstone of any marketer’s day-to-day life. Although the figure of the community manager exists for the tasks of publication and contact with the followers, it is important to bear in mind that the strategy and planning, mainly of advertising campaigns, falls on the marketing team.Click here to download the template “Social media plan in 7 steps”
6. Web analytics
Having a web page and not analyzing the results is a serious mistake. In marketing it is essential to measure all the actions that are carried out and to know what impact they have.And on the website it could not be less: number of visitors, percentage of new visits, average time on the page, most visited sections, best-selling products, shopping cart abandonment rate …7. Ecommerce
Knowing the secrets of ecommerce is not easy. It is important to be clear about the tools that are at our disposal and learn how to manage the online store. Nobody better than marketing for it.8. PPCAlthough the content is worked to position naturally, advertising campaigns are the order of the day and it is practically inevitable to dedicate a part of the budget to paid campaigns to achieve short-term results.From Social Ads to Google Ads: creating the advertising strategy on social networks or in search engines is of vital importance, and the marketing team must be able to carry it out.9. Team management
For a correct job in the company / agency, it is important that the staff are comfortable and can feel good about what they are executing.Thus, the importance of conducting training more focused on working on coaching and self-knowledge is vital, since we will ensure that our team works efficiently and comfortably. You can deepen this topic by reading this post , which talks about the correct management of teams.

[PDF] How to start an Inbound Marketing department
In the following table we tell you what is the type of courses related to each of the professionals and their level of specificity with marketing:After reading this post, you have surely convinced yourself that your team needs in-company training in marketing.And it is that the world of communication, advertising and marketing itself are evolving by leaps and bounds and every day new tools or new methods appear to simplify tasks and optimize results. If this type of training is already carried out in your company, let me know in the comments section![PDF] How to start an Inbound Marketing department

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