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Marketing lessons to swing rhythm


Marketing lessons to swing rhythm

How lindy hop can help build a stronger relationship between brands and people. I’ll start with a confession: I’ve signed up for lindy hop classes . Don’t let its name confuse you. The lindy hop , far from being a VP Communications Officer Email Lists those that arise every so often with such colorful names as growth hacking is a dance style born around the swing music . However, I can assure you that this dance has not only taught me to keep the rhythm and not step on the shoes of my long-suffering companions, but also some valuable marketing lessons that can help us build a stronger relationship between brands and people .

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The important thing is the attitude
In this dance you do not need a great technique or have the body of the Moscow ballet dancers. The only essential thing is to make it feel like it and squander personality. The brands that succeed today have also stopped obsessing over being perfect and have empathized with us by being natural. Communicating less rigidly and more humanely with Betting Email List , assuming that it is impossible to like everyone and staying true to your own way of understanding the world are key factors in gaining charisma and personality. Does praising competitors make us weaker? Nissan proves no. Connection is everything

The lindy hop dancing couple and requires two complementary roles for the work thing leaders and followers. Being a leader means taking the initiative and marking the steps, but above all it means being able to communicate the movements that follow to the other person without having to tell them. For this kind of magic to occur, it is necessary to work on the connection between the two. Sometimes it comes up and sometimes it doesn’t, but if you get it, you will have a partner for life.

In the world of marketing , brands must also learn to dance to the same beat as consumers . Everything is based on knowing well who we want to take to the track. Only then will we know how to take him by the arm at the right moment and offer him a dancing experience capable of making him ask us for another dance. Information, thanks to the digital boom and big data , is out there. The challenge is knowing how to interpret it and use it to achieve that much desired connection.


Who would you go out dancing with: someone with a huge ego who constantly interrupts you to talk about himself or someone who throws you a wire when you need it? They would queue for Nivea.
Forget about the fear of change
The comfort zone does not exist in lindy hop . When you have gotten used to the style of your partner and you feel that you are beginning to be coordinated, wham, change partners and start over. The world is also evolving at a rate that brands do not have time to adjust to and it throws us new challenges and opportunities when we are still assimilating those that arrived the day before yesterday. Therefore, remember that in marketing you never stop learning and do not cling to old habits. Only by being attentive to changes will we know how to lead them and set the pace of our sector.


Cillit Bang brightens up the category’s dusty stereotypes.
Who was going to say it! I knew that dancing you learn a lot of things, but I would never have imagined that marketing could be one of them. Either that or I have a professional deformation like a piano. I do not rule out either option.

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