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Marketing for NGOs: 7 tricks to improve your fundraising


Marketing for NGOs: 7 tricks to improve your fundraising

Funding a good cause requires raising funds, and getting them is not an easy task. So the best way to increase the income of your NGO is to create a good marketing plan . You already have it?list_altIndex of contentsBasic pillars of your NGO’s marketing plan
7 tricks to improve your fundraising
The marketing plan for NGOs will help you, first of all, to make the entity known; second, to be able to attract new funds, and, thirdly, to have good income us mobile number database , which will help you to allocate funds effectively.Currently there are countless foundations and NGOs, and this can make it very difficult for people to choose which one to collaborate with. Therefore, it is essential to differentiate yourself from other entities, achieving the results that have been proposed in the social purpose, but also transmitting these results and knowing how to get new collaborators. Let’s see how!Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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Basic pillars of your NGO’s marketing plan
Before getting into the subject and seeing how to develop a good marketing plan for NGOs, it is essential to be clear to whom you are directing your marketing actions. Just as companies have their “buyer persona”, NGOs also have their target of people who would be willing to donate for the cause .


Thus, to be able to determine it clearly, you have to ask yourself:Who benefits the NGO?Who is aware of the cause he is pursuing?
Who would be willing to donate part of their income to the entity?
What is your age, gender, and interests?
What is your average income?
How can I reach this type of person?
Guide: Inbound marketing in NGOs and non-profit organizations
These questions will help us better design our buyer persona. Once you have defined the type of person who could collaborate with the NGO or foundation, it is very important to determine what the income will be used for .Future collaborators, donors and partners will want to know in advance what their contributions will do. Without a defined Betting Email List and without specific actions planned in advance, it will be much more difficult to raise funds.Finally, and before reading the 7 tricks to improve fundraising, it is important to take into account the notoriety that the foundation or NGO for which you have to raise funds currently has.For example, if it is still an entity unknown to the general public, you have to start by raising awareness about the cause: transmit it in an easy and understandable way, trying to generate interest in the problem that exists and the solution proposed by the NGO.If, on the other hand, it is an entity that is well known by the audience you are targeting, you can start with actions plus BOFU (“bottom of the funnel”): actions directly focused on requesting economic collaborations and finding partners. Hence the importance of studying very well what your current situation is in the market and how you are compared to the rest of the NGOs that operate in your area of ​​action.7 tricks to improve your fundraising
Once you have clear the basic pillars that you must work at the beginning, it is time to see 7 actions to include within your marketing plan for NGOs that will help you, among other things, to improve and increase both your brand awareness and recruitment Of funds. They are as follows!

1. Take care of your website
The website of the NGO or foundation is the most important cover letter you will have to give online visibility of the actions carried out by your NGO. A good website must be easy to use, have an understandable structure and orderly information. In addition to these three key aspects, what cannot be missing from your website?Page for donations and new members
Explanation of the purpose of the NGO or problem that you want to solve
Actions carried out by the entity
Connection buttons with your social networks
Last News
Forms so that interested parties can receive information about the entity
It is important that the button that leads to the page for new donations and partners is highly visible and is on all pages. This way we make sure that anyone who is visiting our website has easy access to collaborate. We can also create pop-ups that invite you to collaborate, like this one from Cáritas :image2-1Likewise, we can make sure to make donations as easy s possible, offering all the support the user needs, even by telephone. As, for example, on the Oxfam Intermón website , where they offer you a call if you have not finished filling in the donation form.image3 (2)Finally, we leave as an example the Amnesty International website , which manages to transmit the information clearly and has several collaboration buttons. In addition, it seeks to draw attention to the cause it pursues with current news:image4 (1)
2. Create a blog and attract contacts interested in the subject
Keeping an updated blog, publishing content related to the scope of your NGO, will help you attract visits to your website from people interested in this topic .These are contacts probably sensitized by the cause, because they have been looking for information online on a specific topic. If the information you provide is of quality and adds value to these people, the blog can be a great entry point for new partners and donors .It is important to optimize the articles at the SEO level so that Google detects them and can position them on the first page and thus get more visits. When the articles are already getting traffic, you can create interesting downloadable content and ask the email to download them, or request the email for subscription to the blog.

If these contacts accept the privacy policy, you will be able to send them more content related to your NGO and you will increase the probability of conversion to partner or donor. If you want to have a complete inbound marketing strategy for your NGO, you can contact us and we will explain all the details without obligation.Entities such as Ayuda en Acción or Fundación Once have a blog in which they periodically publish topics that are of interest to their buyer persona.New Call-to-action3. Use telemarketing
Conversion to a partner online is still very complicated, given that it is still difficult for us to donate to causes with which we have not had more personal contact. Therefore, a recruitment technique that works well is telemarketing, where the NGO or foundation calls contacts who have left us their phone numbers.We can take advantage of the blog to get, through forms, the telephone number of those people interested in our content. It will always be better to receive a call from an entity we know, so we recommend first sending email about the NGO and then calling the person, so that it is not a cold call and the response rate is higher.4. Launch face-to-face actions
To give the entity notoriety and recognition and get new partners, it is important to foster personal connection between those who carry out the entity’s project and potential donors and partners, so it is highly recommended to carry out face-to-face actions.With face-to-face actions we mean both actions to raise funds (such as solidarity races) and awareness-raising actions in public spaces, schools, companies, collaborations with other entities …That is, all kinds of actions in which the volunteers and workers of our NGO or foundation can relate directly to possible collaborators or donors so that they see that, behind the NGO, there are people interested in contributing to a cause.For example, the Pasqual Maragall Foundation has carried out the awareness campaign ” When you take care of yourself, Alzheimer’s takes a step back ” in Madrid and Bilbao. Thanks to her, he has obtained new interested contacts and, above all, to publicize the research work carried out by the Foundation in its day-to-day life.

Image source: fpmaragall.orgIf we manage to establish these more personal and less cold links (such as those generated by the internet at first), it is likely that many more people will join the cause we are promoting.5. Appeal to emotions and monetize campaigns
When we are looking to raise funds for our NGO or foundation, the most important thing is to appeal directly to the emotions. If we can get the public of our campaigns to identify with our cause or to make it their own, they are more likely to want to collaborate with us economically.Ultimately, people will be more likely to donate if the cause is not far away and they really see the positive impact that they can achieve by collaborating.A very good example of a campaign that appeals to emotions is the Caritas campaign “ We all have an angel ”, which began with this video on television:6. Be active on your social networks
One of the communication channels that users consult the most today are social networks, therefore, it is important to take care of your image in them.A good way to manage your social networks in order to improve your notoriety and generate greater reliability among your target audience is to repeatedly publish the news of the actions carried out by the NGO or foundation.This, in addition, will help you in the task of improving online positioning. On the other hand, in addition to helping you gain notoriety, social networks can also be an entry point for new partners and donors who are interested in this topic if we publish interesting content.As we always say, not everything goes. By this we mean that it is not necessary to cover all social networks in order to improve your notoriety and / or get more donations. We recommend being active in the social network that your buyer persona uses the most , that is, those people who are more likely to become partners.In addition to publishing interesting content and your daily activities, we also recommend interacting with other entities in the sector in networks and publishing with hashtags to attract that audience through keywords.If you need help, or a little inspiration to improve your image on social networks, you can take advantage of all our resources and templates for social networks to make it easier for you to organize yourself.

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