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Marketing certifications: necessary online training for your marketing team


Marketing certifications: necessary online training for your marketing team

If there is a sector that is constantly evolving, it is digital marketing. Day after day new tools appear to facilitate our tasks as marketers. If we add to that the updates of the existing ones and the changes in the sector, we find ourselves facing a changing paradigm that we have to assimilate quickly so as not to feel overwhelmed and obsolete.That is why it is important to be constantly updated and trained . In order to achieve this, one of the easiest ways is to carry out digital marketing certifications that help the team to be up to date.list_altIndex of contents
What are online marketing certifications?
5 reasons to do Ukraine Phone Number List certifications
Marketing certifications by subject
To get the most out of the new techniques, methodologies and tools that appear almost daily, we must have the necessary knowledge to help us obtain the best results.For this, it is not necessary to do large training, but you can gradually train yourself in different areas with specific online courses that make this knowledge available to everyone. If you want to know more about this topic, I recommend you read this post until the end, since I am going to present you the online marketing certifications that you must keep in mind if you want to be updated .

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What are online marketing certifications?
Before I show you all the courses that you can take, I am going to introduce the concept of marketing certification. Online marketing certifications are programs designed for students to learn skills on specific aspects of marketing through the internet .These courses include a multitude of apprenticeships that provide you with valuable skills that allow you to increase the flexibility and ability to approach your day-to-day life, so that you can develop and implement successful Betting Email List strategies.Although your objective is training and not just obtaining a degree, it is important that you know that you will obtain a final certificate of completion of said training, which will help you demonstrate the acquisition of this knowledge.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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5 reasons to do marketing certifications
But what reasons can lead you to do a digital marketing certification? I would like to highlight 5 that, in my experience, are of great relevance.Digital marketing certifications help you improve and expand your training .They improve your knowledge in a specific field . It is important to emphasize that these certifications are usually specialized in a specific field, so they allow you to develop in that field in question based on your needs.
Digital marketing certifications are usually more flexible , so you can start and complete them depending on your availability. Being online, they do not have a set study schedule, which gives you flexibility and the possibility of combining these studies with your current job.Doors open to new job opportunities . You can discover new specializations that you are interested in and decide to train more about it to dedicate yourself to it.
There are many certifications that are free or that have a low cost compared to the value they bring
Marketing certifications by subject
As I have told you, there are a multitude of online marketing certifications that you can take to train in different areas. To make the choice easier for you, I have chosen to order the different trainings that we propose according to themes. We recommend many of them because we do them ourselves at InboundCycle.Before entering the subject, you should know that all the courses that I am going to indicate below have a certification at the end of them and that, in general, they are initiation courses. Although some go a little deeper into the subject itself, the vast majority will help you to have some initial knowledge that will allow you to consolidate a reliable base on the subject that interests you.Another interesting point that you should keep in mind is that many of the training courses that I am going to present you next are in English, so to get the most out of them yo will have to master this language.That said, let’s see what courses you have at your fingertips with just one click.General Certifications on Digital Marketing and Inbound Marketing
We start with all those courses that refer to digital marketing and inbound marketing.1. “Fundaments of digital marketing” certification from Google Digital Garage
1. “Fundaments of digital marketing” certificatin from Google Digital GarageGoogle is one of the leading institutions offering quality digital marketing training. With this specific course you will master the basics of digital marketing .The training is made up of 26 modules to explore, all created by Google trainers, packed with hands-on exercises and real-world examples to help you turn knowledge into action. In addition, it is accredited by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University.Duration: 40 hoursEnglish language
Price: free
Lessons: 26
Final certification: yes
2. HubSpot Academy Inbound Certification
2. HubSpot Academy Inbound Certification HubSpot Academy is a world leader in inbound marketing and sales education, and is also one of the go-to sites for engaging training.With this course you will discover the fundamentals of inbound, the inbound methodology and the flywheel, and how you can successfully implement all this in your business, from marketing to sales and services.Duration: 2 hours
Spanish Language
Price: free
Lessons: 7
Knowledge test: 4
Final certification: yes3. HubSpot Academy Inbound Marketing Certification
3. HubSpot Academy Inbound Marketing CertificationWe continue with more courses taught by the experts at HubSpot. With this course you will learn inbound marketing techniques that range from content creation to promoting it on social media in order to convert and nurture potential customers. At the end of the training you will be ready to develop your inbound marketing strategy.Duration: 4 hours
Spanish Language
Price: free
Lessons: 11
Knowledge test: 7
Final certification: yes
4. The definitive course on Inbound Marketing in Spanish from InboundCycle
marketing certificates

With this course, carried out by ourselves, you will learn what the inbound marketing methodology consists of, you will delve into all its phases and you will know the step by step to take into account to carry it out. In its 10 hours, you will see how all the techniques fit into an inbound marketing strategy to achieve results like we do. All this from the hand of experts in the field, active InboundCycle professionals, who will share their knowledge with you and to whom you can ask them everything you need to know.


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