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Live online courses what they are and why they interest you


Live online courses what they are and why they interest you

Surely you know how to differentiate a facetoface course from an online course. However if we ask you to define what a live online course consists of surely you are not so clear. The massive use of new technologies which we have been assimilating – sometimes by force – has reconfigured the training sector and has brought new hybrid formats that have revolutionized the ways of learning and teaching. Students giving a streaming class on advertising creativity Sometimes different words serve to define the same concept. It is an inevitable consequence of the world in which we live in which changes occur at such a dizzying pace that it is difficult to assimilate them. In these times the facts go much faster than the words that define them.

What does a live online course consist of

This profusion of different terms which basically define the same idea undoubtedly encourages confusion. For example if we focus on training it is very likely that you have heard of streaming courses live online coursesor live online courses. They are three terms that coexist in blogs magazines or social networks but that actually define practically the background remove service same thing. Using one or the other depends in most cases on where you saw it for the first time or who you heard it from initially. A live online course is a course that uses digital technology but takes place in real time. That is students and teacher interact live and direct. The classes are developed in a very similar way to the facetoface format but with the advantages that the participants can choose to be physically in the classroom or stay at home or wherever they want.

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What is not a live online course

Study a design course online A live online course is not a canned course it is not a set of recorded videos. Many students reject online teaching because they consider that all courses are basically lowquality videos where they have no contact with the teacher or with other classmates. They consider that this methodology impoverishes the training Betting Email List experience and does not facilitate learning. This format can offer its advantages it is undeniable. In its favor it allows the student to study at any time and place at their own pace without depending on anyone and they are also usually very cheap. However many students reject online courses because they dehumanize teaching and most lack teaching material that allows them to carry out exercises or selfassessments.

Girl giving an online life class of advertising on a terrace The advantages of live online courses A live online course combines the advantages of both worlds facetoface and online. In fact in the same class students who are physically in the classroom coexist with students who are at home even thousands of kilometers away. Advantages of doing a live online course Without a doubt the advantages of live online courses are numerous. We will describe some of them. The student decides each day whether to study in the classroom or at home Although you usually attend regularly in person the day you want you can choose to stay at home and attend virtually.

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