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Linktree … or how to have links from Instagram


Linktree … or how to have links from Instagram

Having links from Instagram was considered impossible … until today
What will you find in this content?
Your time on Instagram
The absurd “link in the bio”
Meet Linktree
How does it work?
How to use Linktree?
1 Open a Linktree account (it’s free)
2 Start placing links
3 Add more links
4 Set your profile picture
5 You can go to PRO
Don’t you think that it is an absurd limitation that we have only one link on Instagram? Think about it! We dedicate an enormous amount of time to this network, regardless of whether we are leisure users or include it within our digital CEO Email Lists communication strategy … and yet… we cannot have links from Instagram.
Your time on InstagramIf you do not believe that the number of daily minutes you dedicate to this network is high, you can check it.Would you like to see the average amount of time you have spent on Instagram in the last seven days? The time starts counting from when you open the application until you close it or switch to another application on the device.To see how much time you have spent on Instagram:

Go to your profile and tap on the three stripes in the upper right corner.
Open Settings .Open Your activity . If it doesn’t appear, tap Account > Your Activity . You will see the average daily time you have spent on Instagram in the last week.You can schedule a reminder to know when you have spent a certain amount of time on Instagram.The absurd “link in the bio”You were sure to be surprised by the data. Well, with all that, the network hardly gives us the opportunity to have a simple link. We cannot have links from Instagram … only one!This causes us to do the absurd circus of writing in our posts: link in the bio … And we have to be changing the bio over and over again! So if someone sees an old post with the legend “link in the bio” and you have already changed the link … then that user has already been frustrated, right?Well no more. No more links from Instagram.From now on your only link will be the door to the number of links you want …Meet LinktreeLinktree is a free tool to manage Instagram traffic wherever you want to send it. Basically it is the optimal way to have links from Instagram, fast and easy.You are already a blogger (and you want links to several articles); marketer, PR (and you want links to several accounts of your clients) or a person who simply wants to redirect traffic from their Instagram images to somewhere, Linktree is for you!How does it work?Linktree allows you to have links from Instagram, since when using it, the link in your bio redirects to a small list of other links that you can point to wherever you like.Hence the name of the platform … you can have as many links as branches in a tree, and they all come out of the trunk that would become your link in the bio.How to use Linktree?
To start using the tool and enjoy having links from Instagram, the task is very simple. Just follow these steps.

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1 Open a Linktree account (it’s free)
You can do this by using your own Instagram account and providing your personal information to create it.

2 Start placing links
Go to the Links tab and simply click on “Add new button / link” to have links from Instagram one by one.
Place the title with which you want it to be displayed and the destination
Ready. On the right side you will see how the smartphone screen will look when someone clicks on the link of your bio.

3 Add more links
You can keep adding links. Make sure they are not many and that they are really relevant to your users.

4 Set your profile picture
Once inside, in the ‘settings’ section, you can upload a photo or graphic that will represent you from Linktree. Right there you can configure the color of the buttons that your links will have.

5 You can go to PRO
If you like the tool and want to make it even more powerful for your brand, just upgrade to PRO for 6 USD.
This version gives you better statistics, allows you to capture leads using a form, offers you more colors, fonts and designs and you can even place a thumbnail on each link.If you find this unnecessary at the moment, the free version works like a charm.Well done … there is no more to add; from today you can have links from Instagram if you use this tool optimally … what are you doing there that you don’t start trying it?If you want to keep up-to-date with articles like this one, which explain in detail how to create better brands and boost your digital communication , you can receive the contents at your email door …
And if you need training in digital Betting Email List or advice for your business, give us a shout. We love hearing from you.

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