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LinkedIn Sales Navigator: What is it and how does it work?


LinkedIn Sales Navigator: What is it and how does it work?

Are you considering expanding your sources of customer acquisition? Do you want to get quality leads? If so, this post interests you!list_altIndex of contents
What is Sales Navigator exactly?
Why Sales Navigator is Worth Hiring: Key Features and Benefits
Sales Navigator Features – Key Features
Different prices and features of Sales Navigator
We often find large investments in marketing techniques that end up resulting in low lead conversion. Or, sometimes, simply, the leads that we refer to our sales team are not of the quality that we are looking for.If you think your marketing techniques are not working, you should be aware of this LinkedIn feature: Sales Navigator.The new uk phone number database sales tool allows you to optimize an advanced search to find the people and companies that are closest to your target. Through a series of suggestions and personalized tactics, you will be able to get the leads that can guarantee the most conversions. But you can also register an activity of great interest to your business.Increase your sales on social networks starting today! Access the full PDF to know how
The objective of this provision of the most practical social network for the B2B sector could be summed up in a better relationship of organizations with their customers. You do not agree? In this article I explain in depth everything you should know about Sales Navigator, the new trend in online marketing .


What is Sales Navigator exactly?
The social network that allows people and companies to connect to build better professional relationships continues to advance thanks to its new features.If any Betting Email List strategy already consists of reaching those we want to reach at the right time to make our goals come true through the most appropriate message, we can only reward LinkedIn with this functionality among its advanced solutions.Click here to download the “LinkedIn for Business” templateSales Navigator, its latest release, describes itself as LinkedIn’s best tool for generating leads and improving sales statistics .Thanks to its many features, segmentation becomes a key differentiator in Sales Navigator. It makes it easier to find your target audience by setting up new filters, saving lists of potential customers, receiving notifications of new matches and optimizing your campaigns on LinkedIn.sales navigator homeWhy Sales Navigator is Worth Hiring: Key Features and Benefits
The implementation of this tool in your marketing techniques is directly related to an Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy . ABM is a customer acquisition tactic that focuses on the accounts (companies) you want to reach.Therefore, can you think of any tool as powerful as LinkedIn to be able to capture accounts? Well, now we will define the features and benefits of why it is worth hiring Sales Navigator .Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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Getting to find the right person in a much easier and more efficient way, keeping track of users, as well as changes in accounts and contacting users who are not in your network of contacts are some of the basic characteristics of this functionality .As for its benefits , they are multiple, but we highlight the main ones:Generate 45% more business opportunities.Encourage lead generation, since the detailed segmentation of your search allows you to reach a quality audience.It allows access to more information in real time. You will be able to link your account and your LinkedIn data with your CRM.
Measure sales efforts on LinkedIn thanks to the Social Selling Index.
Make it easy to connect with old customers through personalized content.Helps improve the overall inbound marketing strategy .
New Call-to-actionSales Navigator Features – Key Features
What are the top features and what are Sales Navigator worth trying for?Lead Builder: with the advanced search criteria you can add a large number of filters to find exactly the people and companies you want to reach. Keywords, location, postal code, name and first surname, position, function, company where you work, previous companies, groups, labels …sales navigator filtersPersonalized recommendation of contacts based on your searches and objectives.
Integration with your CRM for an automatic registration of your customers and accounts that have made purchases in your business. For example, with Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamic.Real-time sales update.
Email integrations.
Save contacts and companies of interest to see all their updates.
InMails : depending on your type of LinkedIn plan (only for Premium accounts) you can send a limited number of private messages each month to involve your list of potential clients and interested users.sales navigator what is it

Regular reports to evaluate your sales statistics and much more.
Different prices and features of Sales Navigator
If you are reading this it is because you are considering hiring this functionality. Well, you should know that there are different hiring plans. I’m sure there is one that suits your needs well. Let’s see what they are and how they differ!Sales Navigator Professional
It is the most basic plan to use this tool, intended for professionals who want to expand their portfolio and close more deals. With it, you can save up to 1,500 leads and send 20 InMail messages per month, email integrations, etc.Price: € 59.42 / monthSales Navigator Team
The standard version of Sales Navigator is specially developed for sales teams that already have a CRM and want to take advantage of this data to increase their sales and improve their business relationships.The difference with the previous one resides in the increase of its benefits. For example, it allows you to save up to 5,000 leads, make warm presentations with TeamLink, receive organic marketing alerts, etc.Price: € 94.48 / monthSales Navigator Enterprise
In the Premium version, Sales Navigator allows you to take full advantage of LinkedIn. Intended for sales organizations with a consolidated volume of clients.On this occasion, it is possible to manage up to 10,000 saved leads, make warm presentations with TeamLink Extend, receive sponsored marketing alerts and access a more complete data configuration.Price: Check it out on LinkedIn Sales Navigator .LinkedIn App 1In short, if you want to find users who perfectly match your target person, you should give this tool a try. It has never been so easy to segment and find potential clients for your company. In addition, you can always have a free trial month, and this will allow you to experience it in the first person without having to make any type of investment.Try Sales Navigator and increase your sales volume y connecting with your target audience on LinkedIn. Do you already use it? Share your impressions with me in the comments section!

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