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Linked In: The future of every professional


Linked In: The future of every professional

Last Updated January 12th, 2021 at 06:42 pm

Linked In is a social network other than Facebook , Twitter , Instagram, etc. It differs from the latter as it functions as a “professional network”, that is, a network to connect professionals.

Introducing the term “professional network”, Linked In was launched in May 2003 and, as of October 2008, it had approximately 25 million users. Today it exceeds 259 million and covers more than 200 countries.

This social network allows you to be introduced to employers thanks to common contacts that could create a connection between users and also know more information about the company in which you would like to work, such as: Statistics of the movement of the company profile, a summary of its history, characteristics of the company, who works there and even who is interested in receiving news from it.

It also provides companies with simple ways to search for candidates for a position through recommendations from trusted contacts and an advanced search engine that highlights the characteristics of each user.

Linked In was the first social media to be listed on the stock exchange. Since then, their price has risen 109%. The site is free but there is the option to access a paid account with more features.

Premium features
The Premium user is allowed access to more contact information, facilitating the formation of employment links with other professionals.
Companies can conduct job searches and find out potential workers who meet the requirements.
Users can send more private messages without the obligation to know the other contact.
You can find out who has seen your profile and see how they found you.
Possibility of obtaining advanced filters in searches.
User description
Linked In allows you to create a small summary for other users and companies to see. The objective of it is that you can stand out and explain why you would be a good candidate.

These are the 10 most used words in a Linked In description:

Driven (with momentum or thrust)
In years past, “Creative” was the first on the list. Words such as “experimenter”, “motivated” and “specialized” disappeared from this top 10, while terms such as “patient ” and “sustainable” emerged .

Linked In recommends not describing yourself like everyone else, instead separating yourself from the crowd with a choice of words that truly demonstrates your skills and specialties.

The following are a list of tips to improve your Linked In profile .

Tips to improve the Linked In profile

Keyword Strategy: In case you don’t know much about SEO , here’s a little lesson: Think of a list of words to describe yourself and then imagine that they would search for a potential employer if they wanted to find someone like you. Try to include all possible synonyms for those words.
Professional photography: A profile with a photograph is more attractive than one without any image, therefore, it is more likely to attract the attention of someone looking for a candidate. Plus, it’s an easy thing to do and it can only benefit you. It is recommended that the photograph be taken in a work environment to help the employer imagine you in the position.
Get recommendations: A company will take you into account if other people suggest you. Ask your co-workers for a small recommendation and quickly win the Armenia Cell Phone Numbers trust of other users.
Actively work on your profile: Keep improving your profile. Comment on news and share important content. In this way, you ensure that you remain active on Linked In and improve your chances of being contacted by a company.
Through partnerships with other companies, different services are interconnected with this new form of social network . Users can recommend products and services on their wall. For example, mention the books they have read thanks to companies like Amazon.

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In 2008, a version of Linked In for cell phones was published and in October of this year the application for Apple Tablets was announced. These services have a reduced list of applications and are available in 6 languages.

In October 2012, the influencers program was launched. This consisted of calling in pioneers and successful businessmen to share their advice and experiences with all users. The long list of guests includes Bill Gates, Jamie Dimon, Richard Branson, etc.

Linked In exists thanks to certain income programs:

Corporations and Employers: They pay for a web design for companies, advertisements for users that match the requested requirements and access to the user Betting Email List base.

Premium subscriptions: LinkedIn Business for business, LinkedIn Talent for employers, and LinkedIn JobSeeker for users looking for work.

Premium Ads: These types of ads only apply to Premium services.

At MD Marketing Digital we believe that Linked In is a form of Social Media different from Facebook or Twitter but with an equal or more promising future. We all look forward to seeing this site grow as it will completely change the way businesses communicate with the public, operate, and hire employees.

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