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Life changes make us more inclined to consume new brands


Life changes make us more inclined to consume new brands

It seems like a truism but the truth is that it is a reality that is not always taken into account by brands and that now, that companies have more and more data about their consumers and that therefore they can better understand how they are and in what When they are in their life, it can make a significant difference when drawing up a strategy that guarantees the success of the company’s proposals. It does not make any sense, for example, to continue using demographic criteria to approach that segment of the population as attractive to brands as new parents, being able to make use of big data and thus betting on those who really have just had offspring. . In addition, the impact that vital decisions and events have on the lives of china phone number online is very high and can completely modify their response to products and services. There are moments in life when citizens are more or less predisposed to buy certain things. Advertisers should benefit from the moments of connection, as they explain in a column in Warc , and the windows in which they can influence consumer habits. The column takes up the idea of ​​the imprint, developed by the Nobel Prize winner Konrad Lorenz, who points out that there is a small window in which habits and behaviors can be modified (his test was carried out with ducklings) and that outside of it they have solidified already so much that it is very difficult to alter them. Brands have to identify those moments in the lives of consumers to establish their influence and to make their behaviors adapt to what interests them.


Consumption is therefore also affected by vital windows, moments in life in which consumers are much more inclined to one or the other reality and to consume one product or another.New life, new brandThis has been shown by a study by ZenithOptimedia, which has crossed the key vital moments of a sample of consumers during a year with the consumption patterns of the same consumers during that same year to Betting Email List relationships between them. His conclusions are very interesting. Life changes are the time when consumers are most tempted to consume new brands, making them those windows of new contact that brands should seek.The study’s figures are conclusive. After a life change (getting married, moving to another city, etc.), consumers increased their interest in new products significantly: new products and new brands were 75% more likely to be tried and in half Of the market categories analyzed, the actual test of new brands doubled.Their study is very much in line with data from other studies that have also analyzed the relationship between changes in life and changes in consumption. Thus, a study from the University of West England and the University of Essex determined that consumers are much more likely to change cars when they establish themselves in a stable relationship (that is, marrying or moving in with their partner). The chance that they will buy a new car after doing so is four times higher than the average.The moments of life not only affect the purchase of a car, but also modify many other consumption habits. Studies indicate, for example, that women vary their diet based on their life situation, which makes eating habits closely linked to contextual reality.
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