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Leaving social networks, 1 in 3 Mexicans would do so in exchange for privacy


Leaving social networks, 1 in 3 Mexicans would do so in exchange for privacy

Would you leave social networks for privacy?
What will you find in this content?
As a user, why leave social networks?

3 out of 10 Mexicans willing to leave social networks in exchange for privacy
Data about users and privacyIn Mexico, how much do we take care of privacy in social networks?
How to protect privacy?Leaving social media is NOT easy. That is a fact, at the brand level or as people. However, some time ago we published the case of Lush, a cosmetics brand and one of the UK Lovemarks . Lush decided to leave social networks in that country for various reasons.Among his reasons were these five, which are undoubtedly very strong:Social media, for brands, is just a pay-to-play game and this only contributes to swelling the Facebook portfolio.Gradually the cost per interaction is rising.It is impossible to build a database from a social network.It is not simple to sell through social networks.
The competition for attention in social networks is becoming fiercer.Instead, he preferred to take the conversations to his site, interact with people there and opt for influencer CMO Email Lists for those who wanted to see them on the networks.A risky move? Maybe, but only time will tell if they were right when they left social media. This is looking at companies, but what about users? Could you leave social media for some reason?Lush decides to leave social media

As a user, why leave social networks?
Leaving social networks does not seem easy, however, there are plenty of reasons …It is a scientific fact that they cause depression. Seeing that everyone else is happy and posting images of their vacations, their purchases, their friends and how much fun they have, makes us continually question our existence. What we do not think is that NOBODY uploads their moments of despondency, their failures and defeats.

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Social networks have become a place to pretend, not to be.And if you don’t believe us, take a look at the case of this influencer where she confesses the truth behind the Instagram photos . After you read it, you will see that it does not seem like an impossible mission to be an influencer .the truth behind instagram photosBut besides that, would there be another reason?Loss of time could also be a factor to consider. Last week I realized how much I lost on Instagram, almost 30 minutes a day I spent on this network! The average time that Mexicans spend in them is more than 3 hours each day! Couldn’t we use those periods to do something else that would benefit us more like running an alternative business or even just exercising?Time on social mediaWhy else could you leave social networks? How about privacy?

3 out of 10 Mexicans willing to leave social networks in exchange for privacy
According to the recent Global Report on Privacy by Kaspersky , 3 out of 10 Mexicans (32%) would be willing to unsubscribe from social networks if they could thus guarantee the privacy of their data forever.The fears associated with digital privacy generate anxiety and concern about the use and distribution of your personal data on the internet and would be one of the causes for leaving social networks.Leave social networks in exchange for privacySocial networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter play a very important role in our lives. According to the Kaspersky report on “the true value of digital privacy”, 94% of Mexicans already give their personal data to these companies as a bargaining chip to express their ideas, communicate with friends or family or catch up on the latest news. latest news, ideas and trends.However, apart from the many benefits that social networks provide, there are many who would be willing to abandon them if this were the price to pay to recover their digital privacy forever.Data about users and privacy
The Kaspersky Lab Global Privacy Report is a study on the state of consumer attitudes towards online privacy. A total of 11,887 consumers were surveyed in 21 countries, including Mexico. Here are some facts:

56% of those surveyed believe that it is impossible to keep information online private . The number of users who share this belief is higher among those over 55 than among “digital natives.”
46% of those interviewed affirm that, at least once, someone has accessed their data without authorization through their online accounts .
21% of users have experienced financial loss due to data breach. The figure rises in older people, while younger users have experienced online harassment or humiliation .
Cybercriminals top the list of privacy dangers, followed closely by the internet in general and the government.35% say they regularly check and modify the privacy settings of the devices, services and applications they use (this figure is higher among young people).
Only 62% of users password protect their devices and only 25% cover their cameras.
Despite these fears, 18% of users would be willing to sacrifice their privacy for something free, and twice as many would sell it for a million dollars.Leave social networks for privacyIn Mexico, how much do we take care of privacy in social networks?The Kaspersky report reveals that 13% of Mexicans admit giving personal information to register or participate in fun games and contests – “What famous do you look like? or “what is your favorite food?”In a circumstance that makes it difficult to leave social networks, the process of entering different web pages and services would become more complex for 66% of Mexicans who link (without thinking) their access to their Facebook or Twitter profiles.

What is hard to believe is that according to the survey, in Mexico, a country in which smartphones exceed 65% market penetration, 32% of Mexicans would be willing to say goodbye to their smartphone if they could thus guarantee the privacy of your data for the rest of your life.Today social networks have reached a point where the quality of the user experience is directly proportional to the amount of information that they are willing to give, be it financial information, geolocation information, their purchase pattern, their shopping preferences. food or your romantic situation. Therefore, it is not surprising that this feeling of nostalgia for lost privacy may be resurfacing.Today social networks have reached a point where the quality of the user experience is directly proportional to the amount of information that they are willing to give away.However, even completely sacrificing our social media presence would not be enough to protect our digital privacy. This is a multi-factorial process, not a problem that can be solved in a single day.How to protect privacy?Despite all the good measures that consumers take to try to limit the misuse or misuse of their data, more than half of Internet users (56%) feel that complete privacy in the modern digital world is impossible. The number of people who feel this way is higher among those 55 and older (63%), compared to those who have grown up with technology and an online life.In order to protect your data and not fall victim to its misuse, we advise you to follow the following steps:

Think about it before posting on your social networks. What consequences would the publication of your information or your opinions have? Could someone use this content against you or to your detriment now or in the future?Do not share the passwords of your online accounts with family or friends. Although it seems like a good idea or a convenient way to share your accounts with your loved ones, it also adds the possibility that it will end up in the hands of scammers.Unless absolutely necessary, do not share your information or grant access to it to third parties.So the question is … would you be willing to quit social media for any reason? 1 in 3 say that for privacy… why would you do it?
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