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Learning about inbound marketing has never been easier


Learning about inbound marketing has never been easier

Did you know that in InboundCycle we have been writing about inbound marketing since 2012 and teaching the methodology to our followers and readers?Although the term “inbound marketing” first appeared around 2005, it was not nearly as popular as it is now. In fact, it was so new that very few companies talked about it, something that was even more limited in the case of Spanish companies.In Spain there was practically no talk about inbound marketing, so it was very difficult to find resources to know exactly what it was and how to carry it out. Faced with this widespread misinformation in the early days, much of what we learned at InboundCycle was through trial and error and experiment.Now, luckily, inbound uk database contact is already part of our day to day, so if you want to learn it, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and go through the same process that we go through. With a simple search you will see that there are a large number of resources and possibilities to learn, suitable for all budgets and with different degrees of involvement .If you are reading this post, you may want to know how to learn inbound marketing from scratch. If so, take note of everything that I am going to tell you. You are interested!


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Inbound Marketing Self-Study: It’s Possible
More and more people are turning to self-study when they want to master a new subject. As I have mentioned before, on the web there are a large number of resources, many of them free or at a very low cost, so it can be said that now more than ever knowledge is available to anyone , you just have to know how to find them correctly.My first advice is to start reading websites and blogs that are references in the sector . Surely you have a company in mind when it comes to inbound marketing, so it would be interesting to see what content has been Betting Email List on the subject and, in addition, complement this content with posts from influential people in the sector.For example, in the InboundCycle blog we have many articles published weekly since 2012. This blog is shared by all the members of the agency team and in it we publish our discoveries, experiments and advice on the world of inbound, learned thanks to our experience. applied to real projects. In addition to our own experiences, we also publish articles and content on trends and developments in the sector.blog inbound marketing inboundcycleBut on our website, not only the blog will serve as self-learning. In the Academy section, in the Inbound Library , we also have in-depth explanations of the key concepts in the world of inbound, such as, for example, what is marketing automation, a buyer persona or content marketing.inbound marketing libraryWe also have a resource center with downloadable guides on practically all topics and questions related to inbound marketing, so it can be an extra complement to further deepen the matter.As you can see, on our website you can learn everything you need about inbound, and the best thing is that we offer all of this completely free of charge . With this you will have a well-founded base only by consulting posts and resources at no cost!inboundcycle resource centerObviously, there are many other pages that offer content about inbound marketing that can be very helpful. A clear example of this is the HubSpot blog in Spanish (and especially the blog in English, if you are fluent in the language). This website is, without a doubt, a great site to learn about inbound marketing for free and following the line of self-learning.In my opinion, I recommend that you visit these websites and blogs and start reading the topics that interest you the most, that you immerse yourself fully in the inbound world. As you well know, perseverance is always the key to learning and establishing new knowledge, so if you incorporate the habit of reading about this topic into your routine, you will be able to learn about it easily.In addition, if you have already found the reference blog that makes you see the light on inbound, I recommend that you subscribe to it so that you do not miss any updates, so it will be even easier to be aware of all the news.But beware! It is not only interesting that you read about the news of inbound. It is also a good idea to read the first books of the movement, as they will help you see where it came from and what its foundation is. Plus, a little history never hurts, right? I leave you with the direct link to two books on the beginnings of inbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing, Revised and Updated: Attract, Engage, and Delight Customers Online .
The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Applications, Blogs, Newsjacking, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly .
As relevant data, the founders of HubSpot (Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah) participated in the two books, who were the promoters of the inbound movement, so reading them means traveling to the origins of this marketing philosophy.Much progress has been made since then, since they are not recent books, but it is a very interesting read to understand this way of growing your business and to see where everything comes from.As you can see, there are many self-learning options that you have at your fingertips. Before opting for one of them, my advice is that you decide on professionals who not only write about inbound but who have faced putting everything they have written into practice . It is important that you take this into account, since this criterion will help you find a source of information that not only bases its content on theories but also carries it out successfully in practice.So now you know: do your research first to find out who is the author of the blog we are reading or who is our trainer, what experience and credentials he has, what are his achievements, what types of inbound strategies he has taken, etc. to decide if you can provide us with valuable knowledge or not.Click here to download the guide “How to launch an Inbound Marketing campaign”
Online courses on inbound marketing
The fact that there are so many free and open resources that anyone can consult is a great advantage. But it is easy to get lost, not knowing where to start, what is really important … In order not to get lost in this world, online courses are a good way to learn about a subject.It is also very common to see how online courses proliferate , and qualities for this are not lacking:The format to consume the content is comfortable. You can do it from your home comfortably at any time of the day and at your own pace.
There are some free and also some very low cost.
The biggest advantage is that they order the information for us and structure it in such a way that we only have to follow the outline of the course. We don’t get lost as much as consulting articles or free content. If we are beginners in the subject, a course in which we structure all the information and then go deeper on our own may be a good idea. The fact of having everything structured also allows us to have a comprehensive perspective of the methodology and we stop consuming pieces of content without a clear order.
You can also have contact with other professionals in the sector who may have the same challenges as you and who ask questions. It can be a networking space.
Although it is true that they have many pros, you can also find some against that indicates that this type of training is not indicated for your current needs:

The fact of being presented in a course format gives us the feeling that it is a higher quality content, but we have to adopt a critical vision.
As we mentioned in the previous section, anyone can create an online course relatively easily. It can even be done without demonstrable previous experience, so the knowledge they offer is not practical and actionable but is a replica of what could be found in other sources.
If after all this you opt for this way of learning, a good starting point is HubSpot Academy.

The HubSpot page has a section with many free courses , there is a version of the academy in English but there are also courses and content in Spanish.

hubspot academy courses

They are one of my first steps in the world of inbound, although they have evolved a lot and the way of explaining has improved. It is good to do these courses every year or every time a new edition is released (I do it like this) so as not to miss anything and be up to date with all the news. If you enter the platform you will see that there are a large number of courses. My recommendation to know where to start are these two:

Inbound methodology
Inbound marketing
Another option is to enroll in the inbound marketing course that we have developed from InboundCycle . In this case, the course is not free, the main difference is that we explain the methodology as we apply it, both for ourselves and for our clients. That is, it is based on our own experience of how we implement inbound marketing to grow and obtain results.

All this from the hand of experts in the field, the management team and specialists of the agency, who will share their knowledge with you and to whom you can ask everything you need to know in the corresponding comments and questions space.

Horizontal CTA – Online course inbound marketing
Events and conferences
One step further in the implication that we can have in training is to attend events. We refer to face-to-face events such as talks, conferences, Meetups, etc.

In my experience, it is difficult for an event of this type to offer you knowledge in the same depth as a book or a complete course. However, there are many benefits that we have to consider:

Surround ourselves with experts from the world of inbound and be able to interact and talk with them, ask them questions, etc.
Share space with people in the same situation as us, who are learning and have solved challenges in which they can help us, etc.
Current and 100% updated content and knowledge.
On a global scale, the most important and recognized event on inbound marketing is INBOUND , organized by HubSpot in Boston, the city where they are headquartered, and which part of our team attends annually.

inbound hubspot 2019inbound hubspot 2018Although not everyone can afford to travel to the United States for a week, stay in Boston during those days (when accommodation prices skyrocket) and pay an entrance fee of € 1,700 to attend talks on topics related to the inbound.

But those of us who have been able to attend know that it is an unforgettable experience, you are surrounded by thousands of people who make a living from inbound, you have access to professionals from HubSpot, HubSpot partner agencies, etc., and you can attend conferences by people like Rand Fishkin (one of the greatest SEO experts in the world), Martha Stewart or Michelle Obama.

If we stay in Spain, in InboundCycle we organize Inbound Leaders , our annual inbound event that takes place in Barcelona and Madrid, and in which we also have high-level experts and offer high-value content for marketing leaders.

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