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Learn how to connect with Orbea with your community during COVID-19


Learn how to connect with Orbea with your community during COVID-19

The spring of this 2020 will be remembered for the confinement situation caused by COVID-19 . With the arrival of good weather, people tend to go for a walk, fill terraces, extend sports hours and enjoy events such as festivals. In short, the population tends to enjoy good weather with outdoor activities.

Confinement has caused the majority of Spaniards to be at home. This has resulted in an increase in the Brazil Phone Number List of hours they spend in front of their screens, giving brands the opportunity to connect with their customers. Brands have turned to trying to entertain their audiences to make the best of this situation, at the same time that they take the opportunity to strengthen ties with them. It is therefore a unique moment for brands to show what they can contribute to their followers.

One of the sectors that has been most affected by the confinement is sports. All sports facilities have been closed, it is not allowed to go out to train outdoors and all sports events have been canceled. The brands that work in the world of sports are no less than the others and are trying to adapt to the new situation.


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From my point of view, Orbea is one of the cycling brands that best works with branded content and this is reflected in the great results they have on social networks. This bicycle brand got to work very quickly and in a short time created the Orbea Indoor Challenge 500 , with the aim of keeping its community motivated, practicing sports at home.

In this post we are going to analyze how a cycling brand has turned to its community so that it remains active and confinement is more bearable.


After winter, a season in which cycling training is tough due to the weather and the lack of daylight hours, the arrival of good weather has been Betting Email List by confinement. The blows of the man with the mallet, so feared by cyclists, have fallen short with what has meant confinement for professional and amateur cyclists.

The brand’s proactivity has led it to create the Orbea Indoor Challenge 500, which aims to re-engage its community to cycle 500 km during the first 15 days of confinement. In addition, they have made it possible for people to join this challenge despite not having a cycling trainer at home, being able to add 500 minutes of sports activity instead of 500 km.

Social Networks and Influencers – How to connect with your community
In these tough times, the brand has put all of its sponsored athletes to work to keep Orbea’s audience entertained as much as possible. In fact, it has been shown that the brand’s bond with its runners is total and theirs with it as well.

The Orbea cycling team represents the main content of this brand’s social networks . The team members explain what their confinement is like day by day: how they train, what they eat and how they entertain themselves. This has brought great names in cycling closer to the amateur public that follows them, serving as an example to move forward. If the great cyclists do not go out to train, what need do I have?

Contents adapted to each social network
One of the mistakes that brands make the most is publishing the same content on different social networks. Orbea, on the other hand, has been able to adapt the content to the different audience profiles found on each social network so that the user can enjoy it to the fullest.

Instagram – Interaction
Orbea has achieved a closer approach between its brand prescribers and its followers through the direct of Instagram . The direct broadcasts on the Instagram of this cycling brand are not only limited to members of the Orbea team, but also professionals from disciplines related to the world of cycling, such as nutritionists or coaches.

Thus, the team members have become powerful driving forces for the Orbea Instagram community. Cycling figures like “Purito” Rodríguez or Sandra Jordà have joined the Orbea Indoor Challenge 500.

With fresh, engaging and informative content, the brand has successfully engaged its homebound cycling community. They have had the opportunity to be part of Orbea and to be able to interact with the runners that they admire and with whom they share many things.

Youtube – More depth
Orbea has reached 100K followers on its You Tube channel during COVID-19. Certainly, the brand has changed the content it had intended to publish there, and has turned to offering the audience the possibility of knowing its runners in a very slow and in-depth way.

Cyclists of the stature of Tomi Misser, Purito Rodríguez or Aleix Espargaró have shown themselves in front of the cameras to explain what makes them pedal. Each of them has explained their history, their motivations and how they live cycling.

This type of content has allowed the audience to know in greater depth the cyclists that we normally see in action passing at high speed. The connection that will be created between them and the audience will be something that will last over time.

Resilience – Content adaptation
Orbea’s followers have responded very positively to the content and challenges launched by the brand, even in some cases, also showing how they go through confinement.

You only need to take a look at the hashtag # orbea500challenge to see the amount and variety of content that Orbea followers have published . In them, we can see how cyclists have been able to adapt their lifestyle of confinement without neglecting their passion.

In addition, Orbea has known how to be attentive to its community, demonstrating the value of listening, and has begun to launch prize challenges for the content that its community of followers was creating and publishing on networks.

In the same way that Orbea has done , brands should launch a proposal to their audience and know how to listen to how they receive it and what to do in order to continue evolving. Only in this way is it possible to connect with the public and answer the question: What does my brand contribute to the community?

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