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Lead capture with HubSpot through a downloadable


Lead capture with HubSpot through a downloadable

Do you already have a lead acquisition strategy in place? Does it include downloadable content? Let’s put ourselves in the situation: once it has been possible to attract traffic to a website or blog, the next objective of an inbound Ghana Phone Number List project is to convert these anonymous users who visit our page into people with contact information who can be tracked and , when the time comes, send them a commercial offer. We agree, right?These contacts with first and last names and, more importantly, with an email address, are called ” leads” or “records “. To capture them, it is necessary to define and implement a method or strategy .Our goal should be to ensure that the maximum number of users who have come to our website end up leaving us their data in a form. That is, achieve the highest possible conversion percentage.How can you do it through HubSpot ? All the keys, in this post!videocamVideo version of this postplay_circle_outline


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How to capture leads with HubSpot through a downloadable?
What elements do we need for our engagement strategy on HubSpot?New call-to-action
The automation software HubSpot marketing with tools, facilitates the design and implementation of a mechanism for capturing leads . From CTA design to creating landing pages and forms , HubSpot offers you everything you need to execute a lead acquisition plan that delivers the expected results . In the following lines we will see what are the Betting Email List that allow to start this system that makes it possible to offer high quality downloadable content to the user in exchange for providing us with their personal data in a form.Do you want to know how to convert those anonymous visitors to your website into leads? The time has come to discover how you can accompany the users of your page through the sales funnel.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!EMAIL *
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How to capture leads with HubSpot through a downloadable?
In an inbound marketing project, the usual way to capture these leads is through a downloadable offer, usually a guide or an ebook , although other more creative content formats can also be used, such as a product comparison, a webinar, a infographic, a poster, sending a product sample, etc. Any resource that may be interesting for our buyer persona.How do we get you to leave us your data? This is the key part: we advertise our downloadable or similar with a colorful CTA, which will take you to a landing with a form where we will collect the data that interests us. From here we will redirect you to a Thank-You Page and, finally, you will receive a follow-up email with the downloadable in question.I know it seems like a lot of work, but you will see how useful it is to have HubSpot, a tool with which you can create all the steps from one place. We started!What elements do we need for our engagement strategy on HubSpot?
A lead acquisition strategy should start by encouraging visitors to take the initiative . The call-to-action invites you to continue discovering about a topic that captures your attention. After the click, the user reaches a landing page where they find the possibility of downloading content of interest for free.You only need to fill in a form with some information to be able to proceed. It is the moment when, if you decide to continue, you will join our database of potential clients. You will notice that we are waiting for you when you receive a thank you message from us that will confirm that we have received your information correctly. From then on, our follow-up actions will increase your engagement and make a difference.Let’s review what elements make a successful start to this customer journey possible:Call-to-action : this is a button placed in the middle or at the end of your blog posts with the aim of inviting and inciting the user, still anonymous, to click on it and lead them to a landing page. Remember to always add it to your posts!
Landing page : when the user reaches the landing page or landing page, they will find a form with several fields where they can enter their personal data and the cover of the downloadable content. Although probably the most important part is a text, which must be as seductive and persuasive as possible, in which the user is explained the benefits that he can obtain with the content that we offer him.
Thank-you page : it is the last step on the path that the user travels before downloading our guide or ebook . After providing us with your data, you are thanked for this and you can now access those content of a higher level in which you are interested.
Follow-up email : although it is not absolutely necessary, if you wish, you can send a follow-up email after downloading . The user will value it very positively!
New call-to-action
1. Call to action
This section is one of the most important. It is the first thing the user will see and you have to convince them enough to click on it. If you do, you will go from being anonymous to becoming a contact.

It is an exchange in which both parties win. The company gets the visitor’s data and the visitor gets something that interests them. You have to think very well what to offer, it has to be something attractive enough to drive action.

Some examples of rewards are a free downloadable, such as an infographic, a test or an ebook; an invitation to participate in an event or webinar at no cost or even a coupon that can be exchanged for a product or service.

New Call-to-Action
One of the main advantages of doing it in HubSpot is that designing it is very fast and easy. In addition, this tool allows us to collect data on how this CTA is working. We will see it a little later (section 3).

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your HubSpot CTA layout panel:

Attractive design that attracts the visitor’s gaze. It is important that it is very visual (such as a .gif, that a thumbnail of the downloadable appears, etc.).
Content and offer related to the article. It better be concise.
Include the keyword of the article.
generate leads hubspot cta

2. Landing and form
Well, we have already talked about what elements we need and how they are related to each other. Now we will see a little more in depth how to approach the creation of landing and forms.

Before proposing a landing page, it must be clear that its objective is to help us convert users to leads. To achieve this, it is important to think about how visits to the web have arrived and what that audience is like. I recommend you go for the specific, instead of creating a general template for all profiles; and take a look at what the competition is doing, as you may see something you like to incorporate into your landing pages …

What yours cannot lack is a clear title, which highlights the advantages that the click offers and which is concise. It should be accompanied by a persuasive subtitle, which helps to contextualize. Copies in bullets will serve to make it more readable, something as important as the confidence indicators (testimonials, acknowledgments or publications that support you).

Finally, a couple of more details: audiovisual content that captures the attention of visitors and reinforces the message, and a call-to-action that takes them where you want.

To leave us nothing, I would like to share with you a couple of keys that work on any landing:

It is important for the user to know what is being downloaded and why it is beneficial.
Plus: offers a preview of the ebook or cover in 3D.
Now that you have the landing page resolved, let’s go through the form. To create a good form :
Ask for useful information.
Bet on brevity.
Find the balance between what you offer and the data you ask the user to fill in the fields.
Do you want to know what is the step by step? You can see it in the following video.

There are many advantages to doing it with HubSpot . The most important are that you ensure its integration into the page, the simplicity of segmentation and the possibility of using smart forms or implementing progressive forms. In addition, this tool allows you to automate the workflow and even send the collected information to your database.

lead capture hubspot landing page

3. Thank-you page
This element is the one that we will redirect visitors to once they have filled out the form. For this to happen, on the landing, and also within the same form, we will have to indicate that, after receiving your data, we want it to be sent to the thank-you page that we have prepared.

Here are some tips to make a good thank-you page :

Think about where the user comes from and thank them for sharing their data. It’s a good idea to confirm the action they just took and keep your promise to them. For example, if you offered him a downloadable, you can let him know that he has already received it in his mail.
Consider what is the next step you want the lead to take and create additional content and other CTAs that encourage their interaction. How about redirecting him to the sales channel?
To make your thank-you page infallible, it is advisable to include the navigation button and the social media icons.

One last key that I would like to share with you about this thank you page is to offer leads related content that may interest them, or to give them the option to subscribe to the blog. In this way, we can get them to leave us more information or to subscribe to our newsletter.

lead capture hubspot thank-you page

4. Follow-up email
We highly recommend this section. If a user downloads content, it’s great that we attach it to them on the thank-you page. But do not forget that it is a landing that can close and lose. On the other hand, in the email it will be forever that they want to return to consult it.

If you are already thinking about how to create a follow-up email, I recommend that you keep it concise and take advantage of it to recommend other content of interest. You can also say thank you again, since it is a very similar concept to the thank-you page)

recruitment leads hubspot follow up

Once you have done all this, you may be wondering: “How do I know if it generates interest in users?”

There is always room for improvement, so it’s important to review certain metrics to make sure we’re on the right track. I show you two aspects that I review often to keep track of how my strategy to attract leads with downloadable content is going .

Review of the list of people who have downloaded it:
I create a list in HubSpot in which I ask him to show me all those people who have downloaded a specific downloadable and I check:
How many people have downloaded it?
Of all the people who have downloaded it, how many correspond to my target audience?
CTA: I check the number of views and clicks it has had
Inside HubSpot, I check how many times my CTA has been viewed, how many clicks it has received, and how many people have filled out the form. This data will serve as a guide to compare CTAs with others.
Within the CTA itself, on which pages does it work best? With the same HubSpot tool, it is possible to review in which articles we have embedded CTAs and in which ones it works best. This offers very valuable information on whether the user who is interested in the article is also interested in that downloadable or if, on the contrary, it is preferable to choose to put a different CTA.

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