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Latin America: Marketing opportunities in the face of a pandemic


Latin America: Marketing opportunities in the face of a pandemic

The current circumstances of the world are synonymous with crisis, chaos, loss, but also transformation, union, and reinvention. Since March we have been immersed in unprecedented painful circumstances, the health crisis overturned the destinies of humanity towards a common goal, ´ Preserving life ´.

Covid 19 from strategy to decision-making in times of crisis
Faced with this reality, humanity began a process of unlearning everyday life and reinventing its immediate future , the planning and strategic direction of nations, corporations, industries, and in general, life was drastically transformed by challenges of decision making in limited time. The phrase future’el is now ” becomes increasingly effective and encourages companies to address directly available tools that were aimed at specific sectors and now become the only means of access to available jobs, health, education, and all the aspects that allow its normal functioning.

Latin America in a period no longer than a quarter was forced to instruct, train, and train as well as to deploy its installed capacity to potentiate and Australia Mobile Number Database technical, technological, and scientific processes through digital platforms with access to the entire population.

The 2020 pandemic and its economic impact
The health crisis that between the months of February and March spread throughout the 5 continents and that affected in a single week the most important stock exchanges of the global economy, revealed that humanity was facing a reality without precedents for which I was not prepared. The closure of national and international borders, the suspension of commercial flights, the prohibition of foreigners entering the territories, the suspension of land and air river trade, the limitation of the commercialization of biosafety and health products, the reduction of supplies and Medicines and the depletion of antiseptic products produced on a small scale and with a huge demand forced the markets to enter a process of chaos that ended in the world economic crisis.


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Sectors such as tourism, fashion, and retail , which were part of the new market trends and which for many countries in the American continent made part of their GDP, would become the first economic victims. Faced with this crisis scenario where the productive chain, marketing, distribution and sale of products, goods and services in which society revolves was affected, globally gave way to the use of technologies at 99%.

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The specialized online stores available in the world such as Amazon, Ebay, Olx, Mercado Libre among others, that developed their businesses in a globalized and regional way were being supplemented by new domestic trends that jumped from off to on in the commercial scene, product of the Covid19 opportunity that pushed the change not only of buyers but also of supply and demand, becoming dependent on digital connectivity for practically any management.

Optimization of the web structureI transform the services of companies and direct their efforts in an objective way to identify the old and new needs of the client. This excessive boom in digital marketing forces companies to redefine their spending on advertising, market research, trends, virtual stores, physical stores, fairs, and events, channeling their resources to strengthen their marketing departments, which have played a fundamental role. of synergy between the client, the company and the product, with precise decisions such as:

attracting new customers, leaving aside the investment in loyalty.
trends and new needs.
empathy and social responsibility of brands.
action and reaction in real time to the needs of the customer’s environment and the company’s capacity for service.
This phenomenon has allowed the Latin American hemisphere to begin in a critical but methodical way to prepare a new system of life that in the medium and long term may lead it to compete in new scenarios not only of trade but also in the field of science and technology. , innovation, and research to improve the living conditions of its citizens.

Life has changed and today, the fundamental development axes towards which Latin America should focus its efforts are oriented to 4 specific lines of action:

Food production : reinforcing production and distribution systems, investing in agriculture and food producers, reducing the import of products that for years have been the livelihood of the regions, ” no country, no city.”
Health : the efforts made by the countries to update their biomedical equipment, their hospital infrastructure, their supply chain and the provision of medicines immediately oblige both patients, medical and hospital personnel, as well as providers to generate new initiatives, effective tools and methods of dispensing and supplying that provide an immediate response to a phenomenon of the magnitude we are experiencing today.
Technology and biotechnology : New software that guarantees updated, projected and easily consulted statistical data will become the engines of the digital and offline economy, new local marketing platforms for basic products for daily or projected consumption will displace the large platforms of logistics, the idea of ​​”go back to yours, support yours” will become the general slogan of the world.
Security : the replacement of physical or human security by new models based on electronic, biometric and voice security, will require new developments that guarantee not only data management, user identity protection, business records; but also everything that respects the protection of people, facilities, communications, documentation and the electromagnetic spectrum.
Marketing reinvention in Latin America
In Latin America, the marketing forecast has yielded new customer behaviors, the structure of new sales strategies and the configuration of new departments in companies for mitigation in states of crisis. Today it is possible to mention the actions taken and the approaches that digital marketers will have as a challenge in the future:

Display ads that until recently were considered a utopia in some Latin American countries, today will take center stage and will be allies in real-time advertising, achieving greater visibility and results.
We have started the acceleration in data collection, knowing our client, this will facilitate automation, personalization, giving way to recruitment and greater loyalty.
Large industries such as new ventures understood that Social Selling, which until recently had been put aside as expensive and low-conversion, would become their greatest strategic ally to increase their sales and stay afloat.
Latin America turned its attention to its main source of income years ago the food security of the region and the world, for this it had to optimize and in some cases implement a supplychain based on digitization from the purchase of seeds and fertilizers in native fields to the production and sale of new markets that allows it to position itself before the world panorama as a main actor
We invest in video content, easily accessible, and with great importance.
The world continues to invest in google, in the bidding war and competitors in each sector; So in Latin America the task will be to analyze how SEO and SEM can be balanced to impact the market.
The positioning of the marketing departments in Latin America became effective and “vitally important for companies” were strengthened.
The functions and mission of the marketing department required expanding its responsibility to preparing teams for decision-making in a short time and in times of crisis.

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