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Latest news on Social Networks: Ready to know them?


Latest news on Social Networks: Ready to know them?

Last Updated November 21st, 2016 at 10:46 am

Are you interested in Social Media rumors ? The world of social networks is revolutionized and we have all the gossip to tell you.Keep reading to know what’s new!

social networks and their viralization

Are we going crazy? Do not! Twitter presents surprising changes:
The bird network, which has always been characterized by its limitation of 140 characters in tweets, has decided to make this rule more flexible, allowing users to send longer tweets! However, this does not mean that they have increased the number of characters in the tweets but that now if we decide to add a link, image or video, they will not occupy space in the tweet.

And not only that! It is believed that the restriction will soon be completely removed so that users can tweet without limitations. If the latest changes have generated a lot of controversy, what do you think will happen if the rumors come true?

But this is not the only news on Twitter! Also in its latest update it has given tweeters the ability to quote and share their own tweets. The latest changes have been favorably accepted by your community but have received many complaints from some who blame the update for taking away some of its essence from the bird network.

On the other hand, and not least, Mark Zuckerberg has once again generated a stir in the digital world with these news from Facebook and Instagram. Do not hold your head! If you did not find out, we will bring them to you.

Analytics are coming to Instagram!
It has been announced that Instagram will present new tools to implement on its business platform. The new update will have a “contact” button for users to communicate with brands easily (finally we can send thousands of questions to brands, right?), A new section of analysis tools and new facilities to make posts. promoted. Definitely great news for digital Hong Kong Phone Number List agencies !

Facebook ADS also brought us great news!
Facebook has announced that soon the limit of 20% of surface with text for the elaboration of graphics for promoted posts will be raised to 30%, allowing designers and brands to make plates with a little more freedom. We trust the designers to behave well and not advertise full of text!

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Additionally, recently on the WhatsApp text messaging platform it was announced that messages would be protected by “end to end encryption” so that users could chat quietly without their content being filtered. Facebook announced that this same tool will be brought to Facebook Betting Email List Messenger as well. Be careful what you send anyway!

What else would you like to see on social media? We at MD have already prepared for these changes and look forward to more!

Note written by: Mauro Alegre

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