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Last stop: E-commerce


Last stop: E-commerce

During the last year, local businesses in the food sector have grown exponentially due to Covid-19. Factors such as confinement have favored them, since they were the only stores open. But now the opposite is happening: with an environment that is returning to normal, they must adapt to the changes so that they do not miss the train. E- phone number database has only increased during 2020. According to the consulting firm Kantar , this last year online purchases have doubled the figures of the previous year. In large cities such as Barcelona and Madrid, they have grown by 2.5% and 5% respectively. Seeing an opportunity in digital commerce, many businesses have seized it. The increase in this trend is mainly due to the convenience that online shopping brings to the consumer, in addition to the restrictions and fe r of going out due to the pandemic. Spain, in first position for online shopping in Europe



According to a study carried out by the Oney company on consumer habits, Spaniards are the Europeans who have increased their online purchases the most during the pandemic, with figures reaching 67%. The situation has changed from one day to the next. Currently, the time spent in a physical store is being reduced: we find ourselves with a consumer who is more sensitive to price and more rational. The proximity trade has had to implement new channels as a result of the pandemic. Many establishments have created their own platform to place orders remotely, whether it is home delivery or store collection. According to IEBS , more and more people prefer to buy proximity products due to the connection with the local community. The solution for these local companies is to be part of the digital Betting Email List . El Confidencial explains that, in this last year, food, hygiene, electronic devices, toys, clothing and footwear are the most searched categories on the web. For these local businesses, opening this digital channel brings them advantages such as being able to work with good margins, highlighting digital advertising and direct communication with the client. In addition, the customer also has many advantages in this channel such as that they can take advantage of discounts, compare prices, buy 24 hours a day, quickly find the product they are looking for, enjoy free shipping, get better products, manage purchases in distant stores and pay from quick and easy way. The customer is the great beneficiary in purchases through a digital platform.

A great example of success in this is the online supermarket Ulabox, which ensures that during the previous year the demand multiplied by seven and the company works three times more than in the same period of the previous year. According to La Vanguardia , the commercial director of the company David Campoy assures that they could have worked much more, since no one expected a situation in which the demand has been completely overwhelmed. Campoy does not refer only to the increase in clientele, but also to the increase of small businesses and neighborhood markets that have joined the platform to sell online. As we have seen, e-commerce advances more and more. However, that does not mean that traditional commerce takes a back seat, as, according to the figures, both channels work together perfectly.

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