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Large retailers suspend email marketing


Large retailers suspend email marketing

A study shows the disparate email sending strategies of the main Spanish retailers.
The email marketing and cross channel marketing agency Digital Response , analyzed during November, December and last January the emails of seven large retail Uruguay Phone Number List during the 2015-2016 Christmas campaign.

The results were the following:
REGISTRATION PROCESS: Being the first contact with the client, it is a fundamental part of any email marketing strategy . Bad design and structure in the registration process can change everything for the worse!
In the study, IKEA and Media Markt were the only ones to use the double opt-in mechanism , while only El Corte Inglés sent an email to confirm the success of the registration process. Conforama, Carrefour and Toy’s R Us sent a welcome email, although it is surprising that only the last of these companies takes advantage of the occasion to encourage purchases through hooks such as discounts and free shipping.

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MOBILE: Despite the fact that the opening of emails from mobile phones has grown by 30% in the last five years, most of the firms analyzed suspend mobile. According to the study data, only Carrefour and El Corte Inglés have adapted their email marketing strategy to mobile devices .
PERSONALIZATION: When emails are personalized , the open rate and the click-to-open rate increase. However, only Ikea, Carrefour and Media Markt include the username in the Betting Email List
FREQUENCY: Fnac stands out as the one with the greatest commercial pressure, with 39 shipments in three months. It is followed by Toy’s R Us, Media Markt, Conforama, Carrefour, IKEA and El Corte Inglés. The latter two only sent 8 and 12 campaigns, respectively.
Study of email marketing campaigns Digital Response

Overall, November was the month in which companies shipped the most, followed by December and January. By days of the week, Thursday is the most popular, with 32% of total shipments. In general, the weekend is when subscribers’ inboxes are the freest.

In conclusion, you have to analyze email marketing actions to avoid future mistakes. Each failure can mean losing a customer or failing to convert a purchase.

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