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Knowing your consumer, key in the marketing strategy


Knowing your consumer, key in the marketing strategy

Jordi Urbea , General Director of OgilvyOne and O&M Publicidad , talks about the evolution of the “always on” consumer and the personalization of messages. Where should a marketing manager focus today? In getting to know your consumer more and better.He begins his narrative by telling us that the Software Managers Email Lists in this decade decides that it is he who is going to look for the information , with the right to analyze it and easily access it, and identifies comments and opinions from other users and consumers as trustworthy. Therefore, marketing has evolved and there has been a great revolution in which the directors of the brands are no longer the ones who define the message that the brand has to communicate, but rather the users who determine with what kind of communication brands should target each of them.

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This is why, says the professor, that it is very important to take the great leap from traditional Betting Email List in the mass media and to bet on personalized marketing in which impacts and efforts are not wasted, and where it is possible to adapt to changes. of the user’s purchasing behavior. It is understood then that the best channel at this time to achieve this objective is the mobile phone , because it is there where the consumer can be impacted with messages that only interest him.

Finally, Jordi concludes, emphasizing that special attention should be paid to the social world of companies because it is strategic and vital to know how to manage these communities. Whoever is going to manage them must be trained so that they know how to listen, know and understand the consumer and end user regardless of whether it is B2B or B2C. Only in this way can personalized and effective messages be offered to each one in a particular way .

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