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Keyword analysis: what to do when positions drop?


Keyword analysis: what to do when positions drop?

Developing and correctly applying the keywords or keywords on a website is a fundamental factor to achieve a good positioning. Let’s see why! list_altIndex of contents
What does a loss of keyword positioning mean?
Anticipating the problem: how to control a next drop in keywords?
On some occasions there may be a fall in positions caused by different factors. In this way, analyzing what has triggered this decline and detecting what the problem has been will be essential for a website or blog to regain its original positioning.In this post I will try to discover why this loss has originated, how we can solve the fall in positions and what strategy to follow to anticipate this problem .What does a loss of keyword positioning mean?
A loss of positioning in the keywords implies that the keywords that you had in the first position have dropped significantly, so that the incoming traffic to your cell phone lookup by name free canada receives a lower number of visits , since your articles are not in the first entries of search engines. This decrease in positioning causes the conversion to decrease, especially if the fall occurs in articles that converted favorably, a fact that could cause your competition to climb positions above your website.The loss of positioning could be due to an incorrect use of SEO and the keywords used, having been penalized by Google, by the changes carried out by the popular search engine or simply by a better SEO work of the competitors . Finding out what the reason has been will allow to redirect the problem and get back positions.



Keyword analysis: what to do when positions drop?
Check which keywords / pages have been affected
Detecting which keywords and pages have suffered the loss of positioning will be essential to locate and solve the problem. For this, it will be necessary to follow the following steps:Have a campaign created in a control tool , such as MOZ, an application that is indispensable for everyone who manages a website. Its practicality and the Betting Email List of its metrics to know the real positioning of a website makes it one of the most competent SEO analysis software.
Download from the tool the position of the keywords from a month ago and the current position to carry out a comparison and an exhaustive analysis.
Filter keywords , using a Google Sheets or Excel document, especially those that have fallen from the top positions
Check that there has really been a drop in the positions of the keywords, since sometimes it may be the case that these tools suggest a non-existent error.
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Detect what has been the problem that has generated a drop in positioning
The loss of positioning in Google can be due to different factors, among which the following stand out:Being the victim of some kind of sanction by Google. These sanctions can be detected if …
The organic traffic of your website is considerably reduced.
There is a loss of positioning in Google in some keywords or in all of them.
Some pages disappear from the search results.
A deindexing of the domain occurs.
Google penalties can originate from:
Use the exchange of links without respecting the coherence of the theme .The buying links . A practice highly penalized by Google since 2003.
A disproportionate use of Guest Blogging , a very common practice among bloggers, in which they participate as a guest in another blog that is not their own.
Duplicate content or a low percentage of original content on a page that will cause a deterioration in visibility, poor indexing or a waste of links, among others.
The competition works better with the keyword, so it will be positioned above our website.
Google has made an update to its algorithms and your website does not comply with any of the requirements. Keep in mind that Google updates its algorithms around 500,000 times a year, only most of these updates are small modifications that do not deeply impact the SEO of websites. Now, if you have noticed that an update has been made and a day later your website loses ranking, it is likely that your site is not complying with some of Google’s guidelines.
Solutions to falling positions
To solve this problem, we can propose different improvements to apply in the positioning strategy. I’ll detail them for you!

To carry out an adequate plan of action it will be necessary:

Observe your competitors to detect what they have and what they stand out for that you lack.
fall of google positionsImprove affected items. Make sure that the title is attractive and understandable, works the keywords correctly, uses quality images, provided and optimized to the format of your website, well labeled, etc.Improve content. A quality content is one of the most important aspects of any web, so it will be essential to review articles to provide an interesting and on content.
Dissemination strategy of the articles that have been most affected , through their inclusion in email chains, dissemination on social networks, etc.Guest posting. Write a guest post on a blog other than yours to increase visibility and attract qualified traffic or, conversely, invite an influential blogger to write on your blog. You will get a very profitable win to win. Of course, as I have explained before, do not use guest blogging in an excessive way to avoid penalties from Google.Improve the URL. On many occasions it is necessary to optimize the URL so that it is more effective, simple, concrete, logical and understandable. Doing so can be a great advantage, but it will be necessary to redirect to avoid the dreaded 404 errors. If you have a URL that is too long that cannot be shortened, you can use redirection to implement a short URL address. Users will be able to access the content of the first one through the short URL without affecting your SEO, for example.
UX. Improve the user experience to achieve greater customer satisfaction and better SEO. To achieve this, it will be necessary that the navigation on your website be fluid and intuitive, the loading speed is fast and the readability, simpler.
Put yourself in the reader’s shoes: what could be missing? Knowing the buyer person and knowing what the user wants will help you improve their experience on your website, so that you will get better positioning.
Anticipating the problem: how to control a next drop in keywords?
To avoid a sudden drop in positioning, it is advisable to anticipate the problem. To do this, mark a routine and establish some parameters that will help you to previously control any type of incidence in the positioning. You can achieve it by following these guidelines:

Having a keyword control campaign. Use specific tools like MOZ or Ahrefs. Thanks to Moz you will be able to work your web positioning correctly, improve the quality and writing of your content and perfect your strategy in social networks, among other options. Using Ahrefs you will be able to monitor backlinks (incoming links) faster and more accurately.
Have Google Analytics alerts activated to be able to detect if there is a strong drop in traffic.
Monitor Google algorithm changes . To do this, you can frequently check Algoroo , a tool that tracks Google’s algorithm changes and thus be up to date with all updates.
Have a keyword ranking to check how the keywords are evolving each month.
In short, avoiding the fall of your website positions is essential to make the most of it. Going ahead by using specific tools is always the best solution, although, if this sudden drop in positioning ever occurs, it will be necessary to analyze why it has happened and how to solve it. Are you ready to face a possible fall in positions and not die trying?
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