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Key Trends in Customer Service and Experience for 2016


Key Trends in Customer Service and Experience for 2016

If something has become clear in 2015, it is the need to put the customer at the center of all decisions. The expression “consumer-centric approach” was repeated by all the gurus, written a thousand times in studies and reports, and featured on all the good-purpose lists of marketers around the world. It no longer comes with offering a multichannel experience, the time has come to satisfy the desires of an increasingly demanding customer who is the real protagonist of that omnichannel experience. But now that we all understand the importance of an optimal customer experience, it’s time to review what exactly it is and what factors are playing a key role in designing that perfect customer experience and service. At Forbes , they point to some of the trends in the cell phone provider lookup canada customer experience landscape that will continue to be highly relevant over the next few months, so it’s worth sharing – and above all, taking them into account when planning your marketing strategies -. Customer know what they want better and better With the rise of the Internet, consumers have had access to a huge amount of information and have taken advantage of it: they actively seek what they want, compare, share experiences and are increasingly clear about what is a good experience and what is a bad experience. And they are not satisfied with the second. Omnichannel presence becomes indispensable


Telephone, email, social networks, instant messages, SMS, web … consumers communicate with the company through various channels, and enabling such communication has gone from being a plus to a necessity. All customers expect to be served (and with the same quality) through different channels.The smartphone is an essential shopping toolThe smartphone has been key to empowering the consumer, since it allows them to access products, reviews or engage with the brand at any time. It is a tool with an increasing weight in the purchase process.Big data continues to growThe amount of data a company accesses is increasingly huge, from direct feedback from consumers to analytics for monitoring trends and consumption patterns. The challenge now is to integrate the different data, from different sources, and get something out of all of them.But do not Betting Email List the micro dataBig data is ideal for anticipating trends, but to know each consumer individually, the key is in the most specific data, which allows us to offer a warmer and more personalized experience.Pay attention to timeWe are not trying to start an elevator conversation here, it is simply worth remembering that the connection between consumption patterns and the weather is much greater than we usually think.The power of word of mouthWhen a consumer has a great experience, they usually share it. That is why it can be said that customer service is the new marketing; Offering quality care is the best way to publicize a company.Targeted advertising that comes at the right time

Through data analysis it is possible to know what days and hours a consumer buys a certain product, so it seems a good idea to take advantage of that knowledge to send brand messages when the consumer is more likely to buy.Personalization of the web experience based on data Not only can promotional messages become more effective thanks to knowledge about the purchasing processes of a given consumer. Knowing, for example, the path that a user follows on the web serves to adapt it to their actions, placing above those categories that they use the most. Enhancement of self-help service solutions Of course, companies must have an easy-to-reach, efficient and humane customer service, but not forgetting that many customers value the speed and efficiency of finding the answer without having to pick up the phone and wait until that someone attends. That is why offering a FAQ section and tutorial videos, for example, is a trend. Customer service via social networks is a reality And as we warned in point number 2, customers expect to be served just as well as through any other channel. It is time to offer it, and thus be able to turn a complaint into the possibility of offering a good service. Good care is more valued than a low price Without a doubt, price is a very relevant factor when choosing a brand, but customer experience is more important, and there are many sources that corroborate it. It is possible to predict that customer service will be the great differentiator from the competition in the coming years.Consumers want to be valuedAs we pointed out previously, being kind to the customer, offering personalized experiences and taking a moment to thank them for their loyalty, ends up paying off financially as well.Millennials are legionThis generation represents practically 2% of the total population and their habits are different from those of the baby boomers. They are more connected, open to new forms of communication and show a lower level of tolerance towards slowness, so they must be treated differently from other age groups.The cognitive marketing gains prominenceAnalyzing and interpreting the data is the next step to simply collecting it, and the one to take now. The area of ​​cognitive marketing will only grow in the next few years.Monographic course on Internet Law at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies
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