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Is the end of digital advertising nearing with ad blockers?


Is the end of digital advertising nearing with ad blockers?

Ad blockers are gaining more and more followers, causing large losses in the sector.
As users, the Internet has allowed us to have greater control over what content we want to see and how and when we are going to consume it.

However, not everything is rosy in the online world. For some time, the excess of ads on many websites has caused people to start using extensions – Adblock or Chief and VP of Training Email Lists Plus are two examples – that block advertising on the pages they visit.

This has generated an alarm in the advertising sector , mainly due to two factors: the annual increase in users who use ad blocking extensions and the significant financial loss that this is causing.

According to Page Fair X, a start-up that offers a service to measure the cost of ad blocking, in 2015 the community of users that used ad blockers grew to 200 million people, representing a loss of $ 22 billion for the sector.

Chief and VP of Training Email Lists

We are then faced with a battle between users who want to navigate without being bombarded by ads , and online media that defend advertising, since their websites live off it.

And the first blows have already been made. Some digital media are restricting access – even temporarily – to certain content to users who use ad blockers . Thus, if the person really wants to view the content, they have no choice but to disable the blocking extension .

For their part, some extensions have discovered a possible business in the conflict, dividing the ads into “acceptable” and “not acceptable”. In this case, companies that want their advertising to be classified in the first group to be shown to users, will have to pay.

Digital crossroads
The generations with the most presence in the online world are Millennials and Generation Z, both adept at ad blockers to improve their browsing experience .

Meanwhile, from the Betting Email List side we are supposedly living a milestone, in which the advertising we create is super segmented and can reach our true users.

But if we are generating a type of communication, content and advertisements supposedly related to the tastes and interests of our public, why is there a boom in extensions of ad blockers ? What are we doing wrong?

If the online world has the ability to transform communication and advertising as we knew it until now, it is imperative that we find a solution to win this fight.

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