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Intrusive advertising, the annoying is going to end


Intrusive advertising, the annoying is going to end

Digital marketing is not repeating the same schemes in a different environment, but assuming that there is a new way of relating to people.
Consider feeding a plate of chard to a child who hates it. Now you can chase him around the house with the plate in hand or try to mislead him to, at the slightest occasion, plug the spoon into his mouth. That kid doesn’t like chard, and your bullying and knocking down techniques are not going to get him to change his mind. Now think about advertising and do an exercise in honesty: aren’t we trying, by all means, to get VP HR Email Lists to buy it? Sometimes we just need to cover their noses and tell them: come on, go, if you take it you will get stronger.

It seemed that the digital age we live in, which has empowered people and given them control, was going to change this way of understanding advertising. However, we continue with the ugly old mania of interrupting and chasing .

VP of HR Email Lists

Instead of endless advertising breaks, we now have pre-rolls and banners that pop up like mushrooms when we read the news. We are digitizing the old mistakes of the past . Therefore, we must stop understanding digital as a new channel and begin to think of it as a new way of living , which implies a new way of doing marketing and relating to people . Especially when the IAB warns us that 1 in 4 Internet users use adblockers . Come on, people are screaming in our faces: I don’t want your damn chard!

Faced with this situation, we have to reinvent ourselves using the essence of our Betting Email List (creativity) and that of any industry (common sense). The reflection is longer and more complex than what this post can cover, but I would like to comment on 2 major avenues that are being explored to make advertising more relevant in the digital world:

Smart use of format
There are no good or bad formats, but good and bad ways to use them. When a brand considers pre-rolls or retargeting, it usually ends up prioritizing impact over impact instead of seeking a quality reaction with the audience .

But there are honorable exceptions that have managed to turn a highly hated format upside down into a highly efficient format:

Geico triumphed in Cannes and in visualizations with a pre-roll campaign , one of the formats with the most haters around. Netflix has also brilliantly used this type of advertisement to communicate that it finally has all 10 seasons of Friends in its catalog.

For its part, Post-it decided that, since they were going after people with retargeting banners , they would at least do it with something useful.

Conventional advertising mutates into content
Brands are starting to change the chip: from disrupting what interests people to becoming something of interest . Hence the boom in content marketing , branded content , inbound marketing and many other variants that, after all, represent the same reality: brands practice humility and assume that people’s lives do not revolve around their chard .

The key is to generate good content and provide something meaningful to the user . The values ​​of the brand are there, but in a much more lateral way. L’Oreal has taken this idea to the extreme and has created an “unbranded” beauty site : its logo and name are nowhere to be found and competing brands are spoken of naturally. The important thing is to engage, promote the desirability of the industry and, of course, use the data of engagement with the content to apply it in the business itself.

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