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Interview with a student of the Master in Direct and Digital Marketing of the Pompeu Fabra University


Interview with a student of the Master in Direct and Digital Marketing of the Pompeu Fabra University

1. Why did you choose the master in direct and digital marketing?

I chose this master’s degree thanks to my previous job, since during the last years I worked in a company that was venturing into digital marketing within the strategy. It was the first time that we worked with a goal set for digital, we did things, but at the RRSS level and we touched on topics from the website, that is, we had not ventured much into the subject. The experience helped me to discover that I was passionate about Digital Bulgaria Phone Number List and to realize the importance it has in the performance of business. I began to investigate (a lot and using the online channel) and it was there when I decided that my career (Social Communicator) could be complemented with Digital, so that was how I decided to focus on this area.

2. Why the Universitat Barcelona School Of Management – Pompeu Fabra?

I chose the Pompeu Fabra University for two main reasons: academic prestige and study plan. He had very good references about his educational level, I have a relative who has already graduated from the house of studies and may know his experience. The BSM-UPF offers an updated study plan that allows you to know in 360º the aspects that are approached from digital marketing, putting the customer at the center, which is mainly what companies are looking for today.

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3. Have you been able to put the content of the Master into practice in your work?
I am lucky to be doing an internship in a pharmaceutical company and at the moment all the content that we see in the master is closely related to the area in which I am working, Marketing Innovation. Everything that has to do with brand strategies, SEO, own channel management, customer knowledge, database management, recruitment strategies, loyalty, and so we could continue listing. The master’s degree is helping me to think about the challenge that Betting Email List have to be omnichannel and improve the user experience.

4- Do you think that the content of the master is updated and is up to date with trends?

Yes, I do not dare to say that they are all, but much of the content that the teachers explain during the classes, are complemented with some work experience that contributes a lot to fix and understand the theory. Knowing what “the kitchen” is like gives you a plus, the difficulties or benefits to solve a problem.
In any case, it is not enough just that the content is current, the learning process also depends on the curiosity that the student has. The moment in which the class ends and there is a topic that is hanging around him and he wants to know more.

5- So far, what has most impressed you or liked the master’s degree?

What shocked me? The ability we have today to personalize ads, positioning strategies, seems very strong and super useful.
On the other hand, I did not know the importance of numbers, coming from a career in communication I was trying to escape them, however, today I realize that they are a necessary email, to calculate the LTV and ROI no one is saved.

6- Finally, has the master fulfilled your expectations?

It is undoubtedly being an unforgettable experience, not only because of the commitment that one makes when continuing their studies, both professionally and academically, but also as a life experience, since coming from Argentina to study leads you to develop other types of skills.

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