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Instagram TV (IGTV): what it is and how to implement it in your marketing strategy


Instagram TV (IGTV): what it is and how to implement it in your marketing strategy

One of the most booming social networks in recent times is Instagram. Its main strength is the possibility of sharing highly visual content and, based on this, the creators of the platform are implementing improvements and expanding the possibilities of users, improving their experience within the application.One of these, which has been active for some time, is Instagram IGTV . Do you know what it is, how to configure it and how to upload videos in this Instagram application? I tell you everything in this post.list_altIndex of contents
Instagram TV (IGTV): what is it and how does it work?
IGTV and dubai mobile number list : why use it?
How to use Instagram TV in your marketing strategy?
Instagram TV (IGTV): what is it and how does it work?
In the world of marketing and advertising, visual impacts and social networks are increasingly important. Instagram TV belongs to both and, therefore, it is important to take into account the potential that this new application can bring us.Instagram TV (IGTV) is an application that is part of the Instagram social network that basically serves to upload videos in a longer format, of higher quality and with a vertical orientation .


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The application was launched in 2018 and has its own independent app, although it is also integrated with Instagram. Its main function is to offer higher quality videos to users through a channel system that would come to resemble a television, since once the application is accessed it shows videos without the need for searches. The content displayed can be chosen from the one Instagram chooses for you, the channels you follow or the one popular on the social network.As we have Betting Email List , IGTV provides users and video creators with characteristics that should be taken into account:Duration : the duration varies if the video is uploaded from the mobile or from the web. In both cases the minimum duration is one minute; however, on the mobile phone the maximum is 15 minutes and from the web the maximum time is up to 60 minutes.
Format : the format supported by the app is MP4.
Size and resolution:
Vertical video with a 9:16 ratio or horizontal with a 16: 9 ratio.
Minimum resolution of 720 pixels.
Maximum file size of 650 MB for videos of maximum 10 minutes, and 3.6GB for those of 60 minutes.
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How to create an IGTV channel?
Having seen the basic characteristics of the videos that can be published on IGTV, the next natural step is to see how to create a channel. An application channel is equivalent to a user, since, as Instagram says, the creators are the channels.The easiest way to create a user is by accessing the application. Once in it, you have to go to settings and, from there, access the “Create your channel” section. Once this is done, you can start uploading your videos!

It is important to note that, since the username is the same as that of traditional Instagram, the followers of your account will be followers of your channel automatically.Once the channel is open to publish content, you simply have to go to the “+” button and choose the content from your gallery that you want to upload to your channel. Remember to put the title and a description, and to share this content with your audience. Later I will provide you with good practices so that this content can reach more users. Keep reading!IGTVIGTV and marketing: why use it?
As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, Instagram is one of the social networks with the most active users at the moment, a fact that is very positive for companies. But what about IGTV? Does it have the same potential as Instagram?What can Instagram TV bring to your business?
Instagram TV has been considered the alternative to YouTube several times, so its impact could be similar. However, the fact of being directly integrated with Instagram offers the possibility of using the synergies of both applications to have a greater impact. The main benefits would be the following:The importance of videos. According to what Instagram indicates , in 2021, 78% of mobile data traffic will correspond to mobile videos. Young audiences are spending more time with amateur content creators than with professionals.Possibility of visually impacting the user . Videos are a very powerful tool to visually impact a user and make them show interest in the content.
Creativity without the need for abundant resources. To post a video on IGTV you only need one tool: a mobile phone. Taking into account that these are more “informal” videos with a good base of creativity, it does not require many financial resources, since there are even free apps to edit the videos.
Generation of engagement. It is very important to take into account the possibility of interaction with users that Instagram has , which means that the brand can be more connected with them and be closer.
Own channel to establish communication with users. Not only is it important to take into account the possibility of establishing this connection, but, in the end, it is done through a channel that is controlled by the brand.
Presence in the daily life of users. The fact of being present in one of the most used social networks makes us part of the daily life of users and, although no direct sales process is generated directly, they can keep us in mind as a “top of mind brand” when taking some purchasing decisions.
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How is IGTV different from YouTube?
As I said, IGTV and YouTube are two platforms that can become very similar, but what are the differences between the two?

There are many similarities between Instagram TV and YouTube, as both networks allow you to follow / have followers, establish a connection with them and publish any type of content created by users.

The main difference would be the device of use for which they are intended. IGTV is better designed for mobiles, with its ability to upload vertical videos, and YouTube for the computer, something that makes the former a resource most consulted by the user in their free moments.

Another difference to note would be the integration of the first with its mother app, which currently has millions of users and which allows taking advantage of the audience gained for the channel. Still, YouTube is still the giant of video content due to the time it has been established and the large number of users who are already used to this platform.

What are the best videos to post on IGTV for brands?
It is important to capitalize on the benefits of the social network, so it is important to take them into account when thinking about the content strategy to be followed. Although advertising campaigns and advertisements can be shared, it is highly recommended to use those videos that bring us closer to the Instagram user, that “humanize” the brand (although standards must be maintained) and that help us to establish a connection, communication and engagement with them.

With all this in mind, some examples of videos that can be used would be the following:

How it was done (backstage). Videos, especially those related to events, meetings, product launches, etc. So users can feel more connected to the brand.
Launches and first advances of new products (trailers). Exclusive content is very attractive to users, as it makes them feel “special”, so … why not use this type of content on our IGTV channel?
Interviews with people related to the brand or the company. To do this, you have to look for the person or people interviewed and see that their testimonies will really be of interest to the user. Directors, workers, influencers or celebrities who have participated with the brand can be groups to start with.
Discounts and promotions. Publicizing the discounts through videos will help the user pay more attention to them.
Product unboxing, video tutorials or question and answer sessions (FAQ).
Stories around the brand. There are even some brands that, taking into account that IGTV works like a television, have created their own “miniseries” through the platform.

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