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Instagram Shopping: what it is, how it works and 5 tips to sell more


Instagram Shopping: what it is, how it works and 5 tips to sell more

Ask your followers to leave Instagram to google the name of your online store and be able to buy what they saw in a Story or post you made? That’s a thing of the past with Instagram Shopping!list_altIndex of contents
What is Instagram Shopping?
How does Instagram Shopping work?
Advantages of using Instagram Shopping
How to activate Instagram Shopping in your account
5 tips to sell on Instagram Shopping
You’ve likely seen product name and price tags on some Instagram posts. Would you like to know how to implement it in your business?We will talk about this precisely in this post, since Instagram France Mobile Number Database has turned the social network into a very powerful sales channel, and more and more brands decide to take advantage of their profiles to sell directly and not only to add likes and generate engagement . Don’t be left behind!


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What is Instagram Shopping?
Instagram Shopping is a functionality of this social network that allows brands to tag their products in the publications made in the feed and Stories , and that also works as a direct gateway to the sales page of a product on your website.Instagram shopping what is it?The most revolutionary thing about Instagram Shopping is that it represents a triple solution: it gives users a more complete experience in the way they France Phone Number List with brands and their products, while for ecommerce it becomes a marketing and sales solution much More complete.The other big winner in implementing this feature is, of course, Instagram. Not only is it shown as a more comprehensive tool for brands, but it also makes users spend more time on the platform, which fuels their business model.It has become such an important function that, after some updates in the application, today the “Store” option is already part of the main menu of Instagram .instagram shopping how it worksHow does Instagram Shopping work?
This feature of tagging products follows the same logic with which you can tag other people on Instagram posts.To use it, you need to have a business account, an ecommerce and link your account with Facebook Business Manager .Then, simply share a photo, video or even a film roll and access your store catalog to tag the product you want to highlight. In the case of the Stories format, the product label is added in the same section of the menu in which the stickers are added.instagram shopping detail productsWhen a user clics on the product tag, they are taken to a complete product page showing elements such as:

Share button
Save button
Catalog with images and videos
More products sold by the same store
Recently, Instagram enabled the option to use product tags in posts made in collaboration with content creators through Facebook’s Creators platform.In addition, it is possible to create Instagram Ads with product labels, announce product launches, sell on Instagram Live broadcasts, and sell without leaving Instagram .However, at the moment some of these features are exclusively available in the United States.instagram shopping detail productsBut, considering that when Instagram Shopping came out in 2016 it was only available in the United States and then expanded to other markets where ecommerce has a strong presence, such as Brazil or Germany, and is now worldwide, it is likely that these functions are available for users around the world in the near future.In the meantime, you can use Instagram Shopping as is, as it has shown impressive numbers; as many as 130 million users per month who are interested in posts with product labels .Advantages of using Instagram ShoppingSurely you have seen the product labels in publications of big brands like Adidas or Diesel. However, this is a much more useful option for SMEs and entrepreneurs who can connect with a large audience through the social network; even something as simple as reaching more local audience can be achieved with this feature.

If you are considering joining Instagram Shopping, here is a detailed list of its benefits:

Buyer’s Journey shortened and simplified . Asking users to stop what they’re doing on Instagram and go to your store’s website is too much. With Instagram Shopping, consumers take fewer steps to reach your store.More complete statistics on Instagram . Today it is much easier to know which are the most effective commercial publications, since you can measure conversions and sales with figures provided directly by Instagram.Facilities to make content collaborations . You can simply head over to Facebook’s Creators platform and find content creators to help you reach the audience you want.Greater reach in your publications . Not only the option “Explore” will help those who are not your followers find you. Now, your products will be in the “Store” option of the main Instagram menu and will be shown to users whose interests are similar to those of your audience.Increase in traffic to your website . Although Instagram Shopping is a great sales solution, the only channel where the audience is truly yours is your own website. So it is always a good idea that your site has more authority and that it receives visits that help you generate leads in the conventional way. After all, if a consumer signs up for your newsletter, you can simply send them an email and not wait for the Instagram algorithm to display your posts.
More sales . This is the reason for this novel functionality. The biggest advantage of making the most of all these features is selling more.
New Call-to-actionHow to activate Instagram Shopping in your accountFor your store to be able to enjoy the features of Instagram Shopping, it must meet certain requirements and, in addition, follow an activation process. This is a summary of th information posted on the official Instagram resources page .Before starting the steps to activate the “Shopping on Instagram” function, you must make sure that:Your products meet the requirements to be sold on Instagram (services are not eligible for now).The company profile represents a website that already sells the products you want to publish.
You are in one of the supported geographic markets (almost all Spanish-speaking countries are on the list).
Comply with the community rules and conditions of use of Facebook and Instagram .
Step 1. Convert your profile into a business account
I suppose you already have an Instagram account, then simply go to the “Settings” option in your profile menu and select the option “Change professional account”, then choose the company option (or creator, if this is your case).

Celebrities like Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian use Instagram Shopping to sell products available on their websites, so your profile can be personal but still have company features . The important thing is to configure it correctly.Step 2. Connect your business account on Istagram with a Facebook profile
The first step is to create a Facebook account , if your company does not have one yet. Make sure you are their administrator in order to complete the process.Once you have fulfilled this point, follow these steps:Go to your profile and click on “Edit Profile.”
Go to “Public Company Information” and select the “Page” option.
This is where you will link the Facebook page, it doesn’t matter if you created it recently.Note : it is not necessary to have a Facebook store to configure Instagram Shopping, what you do need is a profile.Step 3. Link your product catalog
Here you have two options, the simplest is to connect your store directly if you use a certified ecommerce platform.In case the tool you use to host your store does not have this benefit, then you will have to do it manually. For that you will need to familiarize yourself with Facebook Business Manager and with the Facebook pixel .Step 4. Request your account review
In the “Settings” menu, go to the “Shopping on Instagram” option and follow the steps that are presented. These may vary depending on the conditions of each account.

It is in this step when you might need domain verification , which is the way to verify that your ecommerce is really yours.Step 5. Activate the “Shopping on Instagram” function
Once your profile has passed the review satisfactorily, you will see the option “Purchases” by following the menu “Settings” and then “Company”. Once in “Purchases”, you will see all the available catalogs that you have created and that you can connect with your Instagram account.The next thing is to tag your products in posts and Stories, and start selling directly on Instagram!Access the complete guide: Instagram for companies
5 tips to sell on Instagram Shopping
By itself, Instagram Shopping is a very complete tool. However, there are different ways to enhance the results obtained from its use.Here are some tips when selling in your store on Instagram:1. Create content in which products are the protagonists
Knowing that Instagram Shopping makes it possible to sell directly from this social network, it is advisable to change the focus of your marketing strategy and make your products and their features and benefits stand out in the content you share .Now that customers can be directed directly to a sales page, it’s time to create more comprehensive content. Describe your products very well and share real posts with the best level of detail to dispel any doubts about your product that could prevent someone from pressing the buy button.

2. Choose tools that make your life easier
In addition to selling on Instagram, surely you also sell on your own ecommerce, Facebook, marketplace platforms, your physical store and other sales channels.In that case, a very smart decision is to host your store on a platform that facilitates marketing campaigns and the logistics of managing inventories from all sales channels.There are platforms for online sales like Tendenube and Wobiz that do this for you. In addition to hosting your ecommerce, they facilitate inventory management in multiple sales channels (including Instagram Shopping) and even launch marketing campaigns on social networks.3. Partner with content creators
Content creators or influencers are perceived as an authority by their audience, so if you establish collaborations with the right influencers you can make your products reach a larger audience.

When choosing a content creator, take into account their level of engagement and the characteristics of their target audince, so you will ensure that your investment is worth it.4. Stay on top of any updatesAs you surely know, in the digital environment everything is constantly changing, from network algorithms to technology , that is why it is necessary to stay updated and with your eyes open to new opportunities.Instagram Shopping has an official profile ( @Shop ) in which information about its functions is disclosed and shares ideas on how brands and content creators exploit them to the fullest.5. Have live chat in your ecommerce
Almost the entire sales process happens within Instagram, only the last step will take the user to your website.To serve your customers in the best way, you ca install a live chat that works from mobile pages to be able to speak directly with your visitors at the time of closing the sale.You can simply show the chat button and wait for them to write to you, or take a proactive approach and offer help finding a product, sharing a discount coupon, remembering an abandoned shopping cart … and much more .With Instagram Shopping you will have a new diital showcase in which to show your products and make sales directly.Register as a store with a business account, upload your catalog and enjoy the advantages of this function that, in a way, transforms likes into sales. Have you already tried it? Share your experience and doubts in the comments section!

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