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Instagram: Revolutionizing E-commerce


Instagram: Revolutionizing E-commerce

Almost ten years ago Instagram came to the world as an application for mobile devices with a simple idea: share photos in real time. By adding the functionality to apply filters, the objective of its founders to turn images into works of art and media was fully achieved and that is why today Instagram is a social network that has more than 1,000 million active users in all over the world, users who have exceeded their role as spectators to be part of a complex network of user-product interactions, brands and marketing strategies around them.

After years of growth, Instagram has established itself as a powerful and almost essential platform for online Greece Phone Number List , so if you think that it is enough to have an e-commerce on your website, the truth is that being present on Instagram can be a very good business opportunity.

Advantages of using Instagram for your e-commerce
But what makes Instagram such an attractive platform for more than 25 million professional profiles using it around the world? Here are some of the advantages offered by this social network for e-commerce:


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It fulfills the perfect role of showcase , offering a visually attractive format that displays the products in the catalog in a creative way. You can customize your feed, which is nothing more than the main profile page, managing a coherence of images and colors according to the identity of your e-commerce.
Increased visibility: you can reach thousands of users with your publications anywhere in the world through a known environment that does not generate mistrust. 60% of people say they discover new products on Instagram.
Increase in web traffic : the moment the user discovers and is interested in your product on Instagram, they will be interested in visiting your website to explore other products or buy.
Humanization of the Betting Email List : a good use of the platform ensures that the follower has access to photos that they would not see otherwise and that express the identity and values ​​of the brand as day-to-day activities of the company, manufacturing processes, behind scene of an event, recommendations from users who are already customers, among others.
According to a survey conducted by Forrestser Research, an American market research company, the brands with the best strategies report a participation rate per follower of 4.21%, 58 times more than on Facebook and 120 times more than on Twitter. This makes Instagram an ideal space to create communities, generate interactions and therefore retain the user.
Loyalty : hand in hand with the humanization of the brand, Instagram is a fantastic social network to get closer to your consumers, attend to their suggestions, complaints or thank their positive comments.
All these benefits have been made visible and easy to exploit thanks to the ever-growing offer of tools and updates introduced by Instagram to improve the quality of the content generated and therefore the experience of its users. Let’s take a look at some of these features.

Instagram tools to boost your e-commerce
Instagram stories: Surely you are familiar with this publication format in video or photo mode of 15 seconds that lasts only 24 hours, since 300 million accounts use it daily. If so, you should know that it is a very useful tool to attract an audience because the content is displayed in full screen, in vertical format and being more dynamic it translates into a closer interaction, reducing the sensation of advertising.
Stories have revolutionized photos by offering more creative publication formats such as live videos, boomerangs (looping videos), super zoom, stickers, gifts, skins, tests and even the option to include a location.

Use of hashtags : Like Twitter, Instagram uses tags that provide a way to categorize images around specific topics to gain exposure, drive trends, and generate conversations about what the brand wants.
Repost: this is an effective practice to generate loyalty between you and your customers. Take them into account and “repost” the good content that comes from your personal accounts.
Possibility of sharing photos through other social networks such as Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare, so your content has more options to go viral.
Paid ads: you can set up campaigns, put them into circulation and follow up in the same way as with Facebook ads, but with the advantages of Instagram’s visual formats.
For company profiles, real-time results are offered on the performance of the stories and posts promoted throughout the day, statistics on your followers and on how they interact with your content.
Instagram Shopping: this is the latest functionality developed in 2016 exclusively for companies. It is becoming more and more known, so if you are really interested in using social networks to broaden the spectrum of your e-commerce, you will be interested in knowing a little more.
What is Instagram Shopping?
It is an Instagram tool designed to simulate the e-commerce environment for corporate accounts. The stores that want to participate in this program have to meet several requirements such as: having a company profile set up, selling physical products on their official website, integrating their catalog on Facebook and having the latest version of Instagram installed.

Among the benefits offered by this update are:

Label up to five products in a single photo (or up to 20 in a carousel format) providing price information.
From the nine tagged posts, the account automatically wins the “Buy” tab.
When the follower clicks on the label they have access to: a product image, description, price, direct link to your online store.
In short, if until a few years ago Instagram was not a highly recommended social network for companies because it does not have advertising and options to link external sites, today it is a powerful platform with a universe of possibilities to boost business and especially e- commerce. The new e-commerce is social, bidirectional and emotional and Instagram precisely knows how to express these attributes through images within a huge social network.

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