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Instagram for business foundations and CSOs. [A basic guide]


Instagram for business foundations and CSOs. [A basic guide]

The stories and images of business foundations and CSOs
What will you find in this content?Instagram for corporate foundations and CSOs
A business profile
Link in BioHow to use hashtags for corporate foundations and CSOs?
Instagram Stories
Live instagram
Storytelling on Instagram for corporate foundations and CSOs
10 Instagram tips for corporate foundations and CSOs
Why consider Instagram for corporate foundations and CSOs? The answer can be stated in many ways … in text, in photos, in video, in stories … but let’s explain it a little better.If there was an award for the star social media platform in recent years, Instagram would emerge victorious. It feels like everyone is a part of it: organizations, celebrities, individuals, even pets seem to have dedicated profiles !

Instagram claimed in 2018 to have one billion users worldwide, which makes us think that lacking an account for corporate foundations and CSOs means missing the opportunity to connect with your audience in a way that everyone does today.Statistic: Number of monthly active Instagram users from January 2013 to June 2018 (in millions) | Statista Find more statistics at Statista While Facebook clearly has more users, Instagram is a stronger platform with storytelling , which has led to a unique and engaged audience.In general, “Instagrammers” spend more time in the application, satisfying their hunger for content several times a day and interacting with topics and users that interest them. Also, the ‘likes’ are easy to provide and the stories are consumed like candy.Instagram for corporate foundations and CSOs
Business foundations and CSOs work for the community or for a cause – work that requires support, commitment, and resources from their audience. In this framework, social networks for CSOs are essential.Since social media is the easiest way to make your voice heard, it makes sense to spend time creating an Instagram profile to share your vision, achievements, day to day, request donations, call in volunteers, stay in touch with your followers and even raise awareness.

Now that we’ve established why it would make sense for corporate foundations and CSOs to jump on the Instagram train or level up your current game, let’s take a look at how we can do this.
A business profileInstagram for Business is essential to help you understand and interact with your target audience. It also reflects a professionally managed organization. A well-configured, complete business profile can help users contact you directly via DM, phone, email, or even find addresses on the map.
Business profile owners can also pay to boost their posts through Facebook ads ; And they also get insight into the best times to post, what the demographics of your current followers are, and which post received the most engagement on a personal panel.Instagram guide for corporate foundations and CSOs
This data should be used not only to say Ah, great! But to work insights that improve the content every month.

Link in Bio
Instagram restricts the use of external URLs through the application, except for the link that you can add in your Instagram profile in the website section. Instead of keeping the constant link to the home page of your website, you could send your stakeholders to other pages such as donation landing pages, image gallery and testimonials on the impact of business foundations and CSOs or even volunteer raising.On the other hand, remember that there are also tools that allow you, that link from your bio, to split it into other links so that you can link to several contents at the same time with a single URL. We recommend Linktree or URlist .how to link from InstagramImportant tipOne of the pages where you should direct them is one where you can get their name and email, so that you can be in contact with them through a newsletter. You can do this with Doppler , which will allow you not only to build your database on site, but to send that essential newsletter to have greater engagement.

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How to use hashtags for corporate foundations and CSOs?
Any word in the caption (descriptive) or in some Instagram comment, if preceded by a hash sign (#), becomes an indexable and searchable entity, which means that when you click on a hashtag, Results will be displayed for all posts that have mentioned that term.The hashtags on Instagram can serve both purposes:Add relevant but popular hashtags to ensure your post appears when people search for these keywords, andCreate a unique branded hashtag that relates exclusively to your business foundation or CSO.Instagram StoriesPerhaps the most used feature on the platform is that of Stories whose image or video in vertical format disappears after 24 hours of being uploaded. They are fun and there are many options to experiment and seek audience interaction, each requesting a different response. Stories, if you mark them as prominent, you can leave them permanently on your profile, and it is good to arrange them by theme, like the Cinépolis Foundation in this example.

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Instagram Stories Business Foundations
Polls can be favorites, because it only takes a fraction of a second to get a meaningful response from followers. Typically, the data you get from them gives you direct insight, which can be further analyzed for trends. Some interesting features of the stories are:Countdown sticker: an excellent add-on that shows the number of days, hours and minutes remaining for the date you want; perfect for fundraising deadline reminders, among other events.Questions – An interesting way to collect qualitative responses from your audience or collect questions for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. These questions collected from users can be added in the post story or live.Slider: Like a rating scale, it can be used to gauge mood or reactions to any question or topic.Mention: Like a Facebook tag, you can and should “mention” other Instagram profiles in your story. The aforementioned account will be notified immediately and can share your story on their profile. This is extremely strategic to find allies and even influencers who can support you.How to use Instagram for corporate foundations and CSOsInstagram stories polls. Social media icons and functional stickers, hashtag location mention poll slider. Vector stories popular UI elementsLive instagramLive helps you connect with your followers in real time. In an increasingly digital world where most communications are planned and thought, Instagram Live or Live gives you a spark of spontaneity. Followers can interact with a real person on the other side of the screen.It’s a great way to add a touch of intimacy to your relationship with your followers; Live sessions can cover a variety of topics like Ask Me Anything with subject matter experts, or even if your organisation’s director is lending, it’s great… or even having a live feed of events – the possibilities are endless!

Instagram for corporate foundations and CSOs
Storytelling on Instagram for corporate foundations and CSOs
Storytelling is a high-visibility and high-impact communication tool, especially for corporate foundations and CSOs. Whether it’s a video or a photo, a creatively created story that points out a social problem, draws people in, calls for action, and / or shares your effort and impact; We can add that it also plays an important role in your fundraising and branding potential.Here’s a to-do list to ensure that any corporate foundation or CSO profile is 1st on Instagram

10 Instagram tips for corporate foundations and CSOs
Do not forget that Instagram is a mobile application, best used and seen on this type of device. Square and vertical formats are preferred. This is very relevant for videos.
Do not forget to save your stories as highlighted in your profile. They should be grouped under important topics such as events, testimonials, interviews, etc. Don’t be afraid to share too much. Consistent posts are key to an influential Instagram profile.Social reach is dead on almost all social media. Instagram is one of the few that is still saved, but if youwant to grow, you need to make an investment in Instagram ads; It’s easy, you can start small and you must do it from Facebook because it allows you greater control and segmentation. Among the functionalities that Facebook will allow you is retargeting with those users who have interacted with your organization on Instagram.As your profile takes shape, don’t forget to keep the goal of 10,000 followers; This gives you the unblocking in stories, to redirect users to an external URL.
Collaborating and creating is inspiring! Do not forget to engage with users to request presentations, suggestions or even participate in an important day. This is essential to achieve interactions with corporate foundations and CSOs.Do not forget that several great resources are available for free or very low cost on the Internet so that you can boost your Instagram posts; there are video or digital retouching softwares.Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of options Instagram has to offer! It is a journey of learning, sharing and growing together. Instagram is a community and users are supporting your success,all you have to do is share!Ready to start using Instagram for corporate foundations and CSOs?
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