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Instagram: A faithful ally for Digital Marketing


Instagram: A faithful ally for Digital Marketing

Last Updated August 26th, 2019 at 03:03 pm

As a fan of Instagram, I feel obliged to continue commenting on the benefits of this social network, which has managed to overcome barriers and evolve from a mere photographic platform to become one of the most important social networks in the digital world . All this in a matter of months! Instagram opens its doors to companies, giving you the opportunity to tell a story through images.

From childhood, images play a main role in understanding and connecting with the story. This same resource is used by Digital Marketing agencies to connect with our digital community and build a strong and pregnant image. Today we can say that images are not only that. They are Instagrams. We do not take a photo and forget that it is on the cell phone. We share it! With our friends, family, followers … We adapt it with filters, we blur it, we share it on our other social networks, we put a hashtag and a cute little heart when it is uploaded. But, will this be the right channel to promote itself?

Social media becomes more visual

If we analyze a little the content that we find on the Internet, we can see that, in the last 12 months, there was a significant increase in the Turkey Phone Number List of images shared on social media platforms . Twitter changed its aesthetics to give more predominance to images, giving the user the possibility of finding a photo of good size and quality directly in their newsfeed without having to click on a link to access it. Facebook news is an ocean of images of friends, family, and businesses spending money to make their sponsored campaign appear like a theater marquee to grab your attention.

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Let’s talk about sponsored resources

As you know, today the business world relies heavily on social media . Instagram, in addition to having a large and active user community, has great influence on consumers. According to statistics, users of mobile platforms interact 60% more with brands that have an active profile on Instagram than on Facebook and Twitter.

Social networks with greater mobile Betting Email List interaction

Companies like Levi’s or Ben & Jerry’s have bet on paid Instagram resources and have had very good results. The goal: Increase organic reach and audience engagement with the company profile on Instagram. Throughout 2014, advertising investments on the platform will increase, and those with great influence on their audience will be the ones who will make the difference. They are the ” Influencers “, who modify the behavior of consumers, whom we want on our side. They are our target target. The goal is to identify them and do teamwork.

Gone are the days when digital marketing agencies relied on the Facebook platform as the only method to promote themselves on social media . Companies invested large budgets in positioning their pages, some achieving millions of followers. But the regulatory changes at Facebook had a negative effect. Mainly at community managers, who have expressed their anger, especially at the big drop in organic reach .

Instagram could suffer the same drawbacks, since the more companies join this social network , the more difficult it will be to distinguish themselves. But, and there is always a but, this is just the beginning for this platform. The ground is ready and digital marketing agencies will increasingly use this tool to connect with the public.

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