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# INLeaders19 – Is marketing a lie to sell more?


# INLeaders19 – Is marketing a lie to sell more?

Continuing with the summaries about the Inbound Leaders 2019 event , this time I bring you a preview of the talk “Conscious Capitalism” , a controversial topic on how marketing and sales strategies can take a more positive capitalist approach to society.The speakers for this talk are two prominent members of the Spanish Conscious Capitalism Foundation , Sebastian Ross (co-founder) and Giuseppe Cavallo (co-founder and president).Sebastian is an international expert on building more productive and mindful business cultures, and was a contributing co-writer of Verne Harnish’s book Scaling Up . On the other hand, Giuseppe is a specialist in list of active cell phone numbers and storytelling, founder of Voxpopuli (the first responsible marketing agency in Barcelona) an author of the book Happiness Marketing.Do you want to be aware of the latest news from Inboond Leaders 2020? Sign up in this form!
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Next, I leave you with some of the most revealing ideas of the talk “Conscious Capitalism” by Sebastian Ross and Giuseppe Cavallo:


Should we do marketing for any type of product or service?
Many of the products or services that exist are undoubtedly harmful. For example, cigarettes . So what can we do if a potential client comes to the agency with a product of this type? Are we willing to do marketing for a brand that is only capable of generating a negative impact on the world?Giuseppe explains that everyone is free to decide how to use their talent and skills, but knowing how to select clients is a fundamental step in building conscious Betting Email List .Who benefits from conscious capitalism?
To all! It is a win-win. Traditional capitalism only seeks to benefit investors and shareholders, but for conscious capitalism all stakeholders are important: customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders … and even the environment!The greatest possible economic benefit will always be pursued, but also the well-being of each of the participants, of society in general and of the planet.Is being a “conscious” company profitable?
Just to have an idea, among the largest corporations in the United States, those that have a value-based management are much more profitable than the rest .Conscious companies manage to have a more ascending growth curve more easily, and although in the short term this curve may be similar to those of other companies, in the medium-long term profitability tends to multiply .This phenomenon happens because the market rewards organizations that positively impact the world. Clients reward brands that share their same interests and ideals for global wellness with loyalty.Bad marketing can be tempting, but do you know how it affects you?
There are two very common ways that some businesses apply bad marketing, is this the case? Let’s see …When a company offers a product that the market does not really want, then it begins marketing to try to force the purchase. And it does it through lies, manipulative content, etc.In this way, the organization ends up harming the customer , since he decides to buy something he does not need.When a company says things that are relevant to the customer, but that don’t really pertain to their product. This is how you begin to make promises that cannot be kept.
This type of marketing ends up harming the company , as the client discovers the deception and shares it with their social environment, destroying the brand image.Conscious capitalism and responsible marketing have no “fine print.” They are transparent, authentic and, above all, very powerful .For a detailed explanation of this presentation, access the full recording in this Udemy content . Not to be missed!As you will see, the level of expertise in Inbound Leaders 2019 was tremendous. If this was our previous edition, imagine how amazing our Inbound Leaders 2020 will be .If you have any questions about the subject of “Conscious Capitalism” or about the event , we encourage you to leave it in the comments section to be able to solve it.If you want to be up to date with the news about Inbound Leaders 2020 , subscribe in the following form and we will send you a message when we have news that may interest you. You add up?


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