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# INLeaders19 – 4 success stories of inbound marketing


# INLeaders19 – 4 success stories of inbound marketing

Continuing with the summaries about the Inbound Leaders 2019 event , this time I bring you the success stories of 4 companies that have implemented inbound marketing hand in hand with InboundCycle. I’ll tell you! The inbound strategy is complex. It is not just about generating content, but it also involves aspects of usability and user experience (UX), a powerful customer-centric organizational culture, constant measurement and analysis, and synchronization uae telephone directory search by phone number the marketing and marketing teams. sales.These and many others were the topics addressed by the following speakers from the 4 success stories:Alba Porta, corporate digital business manager of the Simon Group (B2B).
Isaac López, Marketing Director at Quinton Laboratories (B2C).
Manuel Asla, director of marketing and sales to SMEs at Edenred Spain (B2B).
Mariona Castells and Roger Vinyes, inbound marketing managers at Lékué (B2C).
It is important to note that, as the event is held in two cities ( Madrid and Barcelona ), in each of them we always present a B2B and a B2C success story.


Before going into detail, let’s see a short interview in which Mariona and Roger highlight that generating new lines of personalization and more automated content flows are the imminent future of marketing:Next, I leave you with some of the most revealing ideas of the 4 success stories presented at Inbound Leaders 2019. Enjoy them!Why has inbound marketing marked a before and after in companies?Before implementing inbound marketing, all companies had in common most of the following issues:Lack of coordination between the marketing and sales teams.
Execution of cold door contact techniques.
Little traffic to the website.
High cost per lead (CPL).
No lead scoring classification.
Unqualified and therefore obsolete databases.
Low conversion levels towards end customers.
Generation of content focused on the company, and not on the client.Communication aimed at mass audiences and not at a defined audience (buyer persona).Brand positioning similar to that of the competition, without any differentiation.
When those responsible for marketing identified these problems in their companies, they realized that in order to solve them and be able to achieve their Betting Email List objectives, they had to resort to the inbound methodology . That is, to the implementation of inbound marketing through the following steps:Promote branding in digital media to encourage awareness (discovery) of the brand. This in order to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to the website.
Build a qualified database from the traffic obtained, and then manage the leads from the database with an automated, personalized and efficient conversion funnel.
Generate a differential value that allows the brand to stand out above the competition , in order to position the company as a benchmark in the sector.
Thus, by reviewing the blog, creating content appropriate to the buyer persona, improving the user experience, optimizing analytics, applying lead scoring and lead nurturing techniques, among others, the companies began to get more and more positive results.

What results did companies achieve with inbound marketing?
Each company has obtained different results depending on the nature of its business and the time it has been implementing the inbound methodology. For example, some results that Quinton Laboratories have obtained are the following:More than 300,000 monthly organic visits to the blog.
More than 7000 contacts registered in the database.
More than 150 content positioned among the top 3 Google results, which have had a multiplying effect in the positioning of more than 1500 keywords with similar themes to those that the company has worked on.More than 600 highly potential business opportunities in recent months.On the other hand, some results of Edenred Spain after 17 months executing the inbound marketing project are:Increase in the 1330% in the number visits to the blog.
Positioning of content associated with more than 1500 keywords in the first 3 positions of Google.
Generation of a database with more than 10,000 registered contacts.Increase of the 900% in attracting business opportunities.
What are the keys to implementing inbound marketing successfully?
The marketing managers of the different companies agree that in order to implement inbound marketing correctly, the folowing best practices must be complied with:Select the right partner: in the event that the planning and execution of the strategy is outsourced to a specialized agency, it is necessary to know how to choose that agency carefully. This strategic partner must fully understand the company and demonstrate their expertise, as Manuel Asla highlights about why he chose InboundCycle as a marketing agency:
“People talking about inbound, there were many, but people putting their feet on the ground, there were very few.”Generate very high quality content: not only is it necessary to generate content with recurrence to achieve a good position in Google, it is also important that said content is of the highest possible quality. This means that it is adapted to the needs of the buyer persona, with the aim of generating value and providing solutions to their problems.
Coordinate the Marketing and Sales Teams: It is vital to the success of the company that the marketing and sales teams work together . This implies that they speak the same language, that they adapt to a cooperative work dynamic with common objectives and that the activities between both departments are synergistic instead of competitive.
Choosing the most appropriate tools: Technology is one of the pillars of inbound marketing, be it for automation functions, personalization, database qualification, etc. However, you have to be careful when selecting tools. It is not about choosing the most famous programs on the market, thinking that they are the best, but choosing those tools that best solve the problems and specific needs of each company.If you want to delve deeper into this topic, check out our Marketing Automation Tools Comparison Guide .
And if you want to know all the details of the points that I have summarized, you can access the full recordings of the presentations in this Udemy content .If you have any questions about the inboun marketing success stories or about the event , we encourage you to leave them in the comments section to be able to solve them.Finally, to stay up to date on the rescheduling of Inbound Leaders 2020 due to COVID-19 , subscribe in the following form and we will send you a message when we have news that may interest you. You add up?

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