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Influencer Marketing: Tools to Measure Your Effectiveness


Influencer Marketing: Tools to Measure Your Effectiveness

The marketing of influencers (people with high visibility and power of persuasion and influence on the Internet) is a strategy clearly upline . The proven ability of this type of marketing to enhance branding, achieve greater visibility and achieve a considerable increase in sales is causing more and more companies willing to take over the services of influencers and micro- influencers (with fewer followers but with much weight in specific market niches). Let’s see why!list_altIndex of contents
Main tools for our influencer marketing campaigns
The importance of uk mobile phone database in influencer marketing
Although, on many occasions, the problem is that these actions with influencers are carried out without previously designing an aligned and complementary strategy of the company’s global strategy. And, in addition, ignoring the measurement of results . Two shortcomings remain very effectively to this type of campaign.To prevent influencer marketing campaigns from ending up falling far short of expected expectations, in this article I want to highlight the importance of measuring, in the most quantitative way possible, the actions with influencers that we intend to execute.


For this, it is essential to define the metrics that interest us most and use the appropriate tools , not only to measure the results obtained, but also to make the necessary corrections and optimize processes. Do you want to know some of them?Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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Main tools for our influencer marketing campaigns
On the web there are various tools that can be of great help in your influencer-based campaigns. They will help you find which are the best influencers in the sector , in addition to providing valuable data , such as the number of followers and audience of their videos and other content on the Betting Email List .In this way, you will be able to handle real and objective figures to know whether or not you are interested in establishing relationships with a certain influencer and their potential to help you achieve greater visibility of your brand and increase sales.1. Heepsy
Heepsy is a tool focused on locating influencers on the social network where they are most abundant and where they usually reach the greatest relevance: Instagram.The basic version of this tool is free and allows you to perform simple keyword searches. If you need more advanced and precise functionalities, you can contract the premium account, for a fee.It is very easy to use and its database is impressive: it provides information from more than 2 million influencers!speedy influencer marketing2. Brandwatch
This tool is very useful when we have already located influencers who can help us in our marketing actions, since it allows us to know the audience data of said influencers : number of followers, type of relationship (engagement) with their fans, etc. .In addition, it has another very interesting functionality: it makes it possible to filter the audiences of a large database of influencers based on their interests.In short, it is a platform that allows us to predict whether or not an influencer can give us the expected results , since it offers us data related to their followers and how they interact with them.

influencermarketingbrandwatch3. Buzzmonitor.es
It is a low cost tool, with a totally free version and a premium version, which allows us to investigate topics of interest to a brand and find out the position of users in relation to our products and / or services.Access the complete guide: Instagram for companies
4. Influencer fee
Recently created tool that, just by typing the name of an influencer, allows us to know their cache , that is, the average amount paid by brands. This data comes from an automatic estimate based on the number of followers, comments and “likes” of each influencer, in addition to other data. Its use is limited solely to your activity on Instagram.influencermarketinginfluencercalculator5. LinkedIn social selling
In this case, the tool helps us measure the influence of a professional on LinkedIn based on the number of contacts, visits to their resume, recommendations of their publications, number of comments, etc.6. Social bladeThis platform provides information in relation to YouTube : number of subscribers to a channel, number of followers of each youtuber, interactions, estimated earnings, etc. This gives us an idea of ​​the impact that a certain influencer really has on the leading video network.7. Fake follower check
It is a tool created specifically to verify Instagram accounts , detecting and separating the false followers from the true ones. A good tool to “hunt down” fake profiles, an increasingly common fraudulent practice on social networks.The importance of metrics in influencer marketing
It is essential that, as an initial step, you define very well the key indicators or KPIs that you are interested in using to measure your influencer marketing strategy. We recommend that you focus on 3 main ones and take them as a starting point to be able to effectively monitor and optimize the actions you take.You can choose the metrics that interest you the most from this list:Volume of publications. Total number of posts related to the action performed with the influencer during the duration of the action. It is about answering the questions of when and for how long the conversations about the activity with influencers have taken place.
Volume of comments. Number of comments on the content created by the influencer.
The only users. Number of users who have participated or interacted in the action-focused conversations with the influencer. The objective is to answer the questions of who has participated in these conversations.
Engagement. Number of interactions that users have made with publications related to the action with influencers.
Average number of engagement. This metric refers to the average number of interactions a single user makes. It is about calculating the number of times a single user interacts.
Reach. Number of people reached by publications related to the influence campaign. Answer the question of how many people have seen a post about the influence campaign.
Impressions Number of times that a user on the network “has been able to see” a publication about the action with the influencer.
New followers. Number of new followers obtained after the influence campaign. You just have to take into account the number of followers before the launch and see how many there are once the action is finished.
Conversions . It is about analyzing the results obtained. The conversions will depend on the objective of the influence campaign, as they can be of various types. For example: number of visits to the web, number of products added to the cart, online sales volume, etc.
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Defining the strategy in advance: the key to the success of an influencer campaign
Despite being a still new type of marketing, in the market there are very useful and interesting online tools that allow us to define a good influencer marketing strategy . As with other types of marketing actions, this previous step is essential for their success and profitability.

A well-defined strategy, with specific and clear objectives, and supported by good tools, will allow us to detect and choose the most appropriate influencers to promote our brand and associated products and services. But there is more!

Another fundamental question is to select the key metrics for our strategy , so it will be convenient to focus on 3 of them and work and analyze them in detail.

My last recommendation is that you investigate the different influencer detection and analysis tools until you find the one that best suits your needs. As with metrics, it is not about using all of them, but about focusing on the ones that are really useful to you.

Have you considered using influencers for your campaigns? Do you think it can be a good way of branding and promoting your products? There is no doubt that it is a possibility with a long way to go and great potential, share your opinion with me in the comments!


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