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Influencer Marketing on Instagram


Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Who, how and why to choose those who will help give visibility and support the sales of your business.
With the rise of blogging and social media, influencers appeared , and with them new and exciting opportunities for marketers.

Today influencers are a key part of any Inbound Chief VP Compliance Email Lists strategy . However, the big question is, how can we use them to generate actions and not just notoriety among our target audience?

There are many people on Instagram with a large number of followers , but the essential thing is to always stay “within the brand”; celebrity Kim Kardashian may have millions of followers, but how many of them would be willing to buy the new drill your company wants to sell?

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In relation to who, think about the influencers that are relevant to your brand and product . Taking the drill as an example, it could be the carpenters who post videos on YouTube every week and who already have a community of followers who might be interested in your product.

Many influencers already occupy a certain niche, so we could assume that their followers will be interested in a certain sector of products or services. In addition, since it is your audience that actively chooses to follow you, we can assume that they are already committed, ready, willing – and more importantly, confident – to listen to what the influencer has to say to them.

With all this, is that with a good campaign and the right call to action, it is possible that we will see a return on investment (ROI) of our Influencer Betting Email List strategy .

The how is a bit more black and white. Either your budget allows you to pay for large influencers (some currently ask for up to $ 150,000 per post) and high repetition, or you have to work on a smaller scale: sending free products to a selected list of influencers and generating engagement with them through your own. social media channels to reinforce and viralize your message.

Just try not to forget the importance of creating an authentic story, which is what Instagram is all about .

The why is simpler: a reliable spokesperson and an already loyal and segmented audience.

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