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The degree project that in previous editions had been developed in groups of 5 people, is now an individual project.
I still remember last September 23, 2014 as if it were yesterday. That day was the beginning of the Master in Direct and Digital Marketing at UPF Barcelona School of Management . At that moment everything was expectation, some nerves and a lot of emotion to start a new chapter in my life in which I knew I would learn a lot. This whole digital Compliance Directors Email Lists topic was new to me. He would set out on a path where everything was unknown.

That first day was Tuesday, I arrived early to the classroom where there were also many who, like me, were new to this subject and foreigners in Barcelona . There were two teachers who seemed eager to start, but who were giving some time for all the members, of what we call the MMDD15 group throughout the course , were complete. The clock struck 18:30 and then one of the teachers began the welcome. He began his presentation by saying that his name was Josep María Fábregas . He told us about his career and then went on to say he was the director of the master and also the M asters in Pharmaceutical Marketing of the University. In each of our positions we had a folder with some welcome documents and information pertinent to the entire course and the facilities of the institution, all very complete.

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Following that, the other professor who was there also introduced himself. His name, Albert García Pujadas . This one looked stricter and how to put it, it inspired some fear. That day the roles of each of these two teachers were very clear. They would be our companions throughout all our learning in this master .

After these presentations, that they will also tell us about the composition of the directors of the master ‘s degree and the professors that we would have throughout the course, to see the Betting Email List and program of classes and calendars of each of the topics, the great news: The degree project that in previous editions had been developed in groups of 5 people, would now be done individually.

I, in a very personal way as I express it here, I felt panic, very afraid, how was I going to develop a project of such magnitude on a subject that I did not know in the least? The subject kept spinning in my head nonstop. Then we went on to another matter, we continued with the presentations of each of us and the explanation of what had been the motivations to study. This is how we ended this first day of class.

On the second day of class, Thursday September 25, 2014, we had already learned how multicultural the course was. We were students from many parts of the world, from Latin America, from Central America, from Russia , many from various parts of Spain and even an Australian , a situation that seemed great to me because it was a great opportunity to get to know many cultures, customs and build a valuable network of contacts.

That same day they explained to us more in depth what this individual project consisted of , the milestones, delivery dates and how each presentation should be made. Following that, they asked us to think about the subject of our project because soon we would have to make the first installment where we would have to explain what our idea would be about, the motivations, starting point and current situation. Every time they said that the project consisted inside me, I felt like I wanted to run away, by God, but now what do I do? Where do I get any ideas if I don’t know anything about anything?


Well, my dear friends I will tell you, the idea came from something that I really love, but that should not worry you. I am sure that each one of them has a hidden passion that they can draw on and thus be able to have a great idea that can be used to develop an entrepreneurial project .

For those like me who arrive like a blank canvas to learn and face this situation, I can tell you that it was the most enriching experience, that at first it seems that nothing is understood, but as the master progresses all the pieces are fitting.

Yes indeed! You have to make an effort and have the best attitude to learn. We have at our disposal the best teachers always ready to answer our concerns. It is up to each of us to take advantage of all the resources that are available to us and as the classes progress and the milestones for our project develop, we can see everything we are learning.

Now, after having finished the master’s degree and having submitted my project, I can conclude that it was wonderful and extremely beneficial for each of us who were part of the MMDD15 class that this project was done individually. You face your fears and it is your own challenge . Trust me! There is no better way to learn than to be the one who is put to the test with each issue that happens, to know what things are still not clear to you and to have the opportunity to clear these doubts.

We were the first edition with this change, but I can tell those who are to come that this was the best thing that could happen to us and that like us, you too make the most of all the resources that this method has for your own learning .

Thanks to the MMDD15 group and to all the teachers who were part of this training. I am leaving with invaluable knowledge, great friends and unforgettable experiences and an excellent project made just by me .

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